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Can you name the 22 most dependable airlines (according to http://airlines.wanderbat.com/)?

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Country; statsAirlineInfo
Rank; Country: Fleet Size; #Destinations; On-time %; Ave fleet age
1. Qatar; 130; 144+; 82.8%; 5.5 yrsGives business and first-class passengers a Giorgio Armani kit with fragrances, earplugs, eye masks, socks and lotions
2. UAE: 232; 142+; 73.9%; 6.3 yrsHas been profitable every year for more than two decades; free Wi-Fi
3. China: 363; 300+; 62.4%; 6.3 yrsProfit rose a stunning 45 percent in 2014, aided by an increase in demand in its domestic market
4. Singapore: 107; 62+ 82.7%; 7.4 yrs$23,000 suite - before boarding the plane, enjoy lobster and a foie gras burger in the airline's lounge; on board, caviar, more foie gras and lobster -- and a perfectly cooked steak
5. China: 480; 207+; 68.6% 6.4 yrsFinancial performance suffered last year as market competition grew fierce and yuan depreciation led to currency losses, but stock recently hit a 52-week high
6. Ethiopia: 76; 101+; 71%; 7 yrsNew airport is being built to house the airline as Ethiopia is trying to shed its image of famine and poverty
7. China: 320; 185+; 69.6%; 6 yrsPassenger boardings rose nearly 7 percent last year from a year earlier
8. UK: 265; 183+; 70.8%; 12.5 yrsAirline's parent cost cutting has received criticism; a video of a first-class cabin, deploring it as filthy and disgusting went viral
9. Saudi Arabia: 154; 126+; 87.1%; 10.1 yrsAirline has been busy planning the IPOs of several of its units, including its ground, cargo and maintenance operations
10. China (Hong Kong): 144; 112+; 69%; 8.6 yrsKnown for serving food that's far better than traditional in-the-clouds fare
11. Chile: 116; 66+; 81.5%; 5.1 yrsIn the middle of a worker upheaval, with some employees calling for strikes to press for improved working conditions
12. Brazil: 162: 62+; 80.1%; 7.2 yrsAviation market slowing due to currency volatility and lackluster corporate activity; expanding cautiously
13. Japan: 157; 92+; 83.7%; 8.7 yrsCrushed by high payroll and pension costs, and by too many investments in overseas hotels, so the government had to bail it out in 2010; IPO in 2012
14. Egypt: 62; 78+; 71%; 10.4 yrsPolitical turmoil hitting airline; turnaround plan in development
15. UAE: 105; 120+; 57.9%; 5.4 yrs3 room residence with butler $20,000; first-class apartments; business class studios
16. Malaysia: 98; 60+; 74.1%; 4.6 yrsReeling from two deadly disasters; Malaysia has agreed to take it private
17. USA: 665; 93+; 74.2%; 11.5 yrs Improving formerly dismal on-time performance; only US domestic carrier that allows 2 free checked bags
18. Australia: 129; 41+; 80.1%; 9.4 yrsAnnounced it will be more strict about enforcing its 'smart casual' dress code in its business class lounge: No bare feet, flip-flops, shorts or clothing with offensive images or slogans
19. Russia: 149; 129+; 85.5%; 3.9 yrsHas seen some turbulence as the country's economy has tanked; grounded its low-cost subsidary Dobrolet
20. China: 82; 95+; 60.5%; 10.2 yrsThe airline will wow passengers with its new Boeing 777 planes, which offer lie-flat seats in business class and 3 seats can form a sofa
21. Philippines: 51; 40+; 53%; 4.2 yrsRecently brought back service between Manila and New York City after an 18-year break and is planning to expand elsewhere in North America
22. Germany: 127;171+; 81.8%; 6.7 yrsGermany's second largest airline; experiencing financial troubles; restructuring

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