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These are lit each night during Hanukkah, and at 32 feet (20 cubits, the maximum allowed by Jewish law) are the largest in the world.
You have to be 54'' (4'6'') to ride this wooden roller coaster at Coney Island.
To join this dancing group, you have to be between 5'6'' to 5'10.5''. The tallest are placed in the middle.
For 84 years, a tree has been lit here. The tallest one, in 1999, was 100 feet high. Because of the narrowness of the streets, a tree could not be much taller.
At 180 ft below street level, this line's stop at 191st St, is the deepest. Its elevators frequently break down.
At 88 feet above street level, the Smith and 9th Street station in this borough is the highest in the city.
At 1776 feet, this building is the tallest in the Western Hemisphere. It's spire provides the final 408 feet of height.
This planned project/artwork for the Hudson Yards, will have 2500 steps. Leading nowhere, their main use may be to meet daily Fitbit requirements.
A 21,000 lb model of this hangs from the ceiling in the Milstein Hall of Ocean Life at the Natural History Museum.
This museum, designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, is shaped like a spiral.
Astor Place, Marine Midland Bank Plaza, and this Fifth Avenue building designed by Steve Jobs, are shaped like a cube.
VIA 57 West, a 467 ft residential building in Hell's Kitchen has this unique shape.
The Flatiron Building in the Flatiron District has this shape.
Fort Schuyler in the Bronx is this shape.
Most streets in Manhattan are organized on this type of pattern.
Of the following, this is the only one that is actually square: Athens Square Park, Chatham Sq, Duffy Sq, Greely Sq, Herald Sq, Lincoln Sq, (continued...
Madison Sq, Pershing Sq, Stuyvesant Sq, Times Sq, Tompkins Square Park, Union Sq, and Washington Square Park.
A giant globe in the building of this newspaper, rotates once every 10 min.
There are 13 of these in the City. Central Parks has the most horses, at 57.
The more famous of these, 120 feet tall, was built for the World's Fair, but a smaller replica exists at Columbus Circle.
Columbus Circle is a traffic circle, not a roundabout. The only true roundabout is in this borough.
1-2-3-4-5-6-7. That's how to remember the address of the Perfect Pint: at 123 W. 45th Street, between these two avenues. (Give numbers in order.)
888 Main St on Roosevelt Island, is a building in this shape. It was once an entrance to an insane asylum, and now is part of a residential block.
There is a 6 1/2 Avenue, running for six blocks in this borough.
In Greenwich and East Village, West 4th St is parallel to other numbered streets. But in this neighborhood, it intersects with West 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th Sts.
If you drive down Flatbush Avenue, you will pass Avenues J, K, L, M, P,... and then this avenue.
The main level of this museum is Floor 0, downstairs is Floor -1, door handles are in the shape of pi. Sinks are pentagonal.
While Central Park has about 23,000 trees, this Brooklyn park has 30,000.
Central Park has a carousel, zoo, 2 skating rinks, and 21 playgrounds, one of which is named for this singer.

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