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NicknameState capitalState
Circle City, Crossroads of America, Hoosier Capital, Railroad City
City in the Forest
Athens of the South, Country Music Capital of the World, Dimple of the Universe, Iris City, Music City, USA, Rock City
City Built on an Isthmus, City of 4 Lakes, Recreation City
Bee-Hive of Industry, Roger Williams City, Southern Gateway of New England
Chemical Center of the South, City where the Sea Starts, Growth Center of the Missippii
_____'s Scenic Capital, Capital of an Empire, Gateway to Glacier Bay National Monument
Capital of the First State, First City of the First State
_____'s Beginning Point, Center of _____, Southland at its best
City of Trees, Pioneer Log Cabin Village, The Woods
Chimneyville, Crepe Myrtle City, Crossroads of the Old and New South, Oil Center for _____
Birthplace of Dixie, City of Opportunity, Cradle of the Confederacy
Gateway to the South, Golden Rule City
City of Certainties, Farm Capital of America, Hartford of the West
Capital of Soonerland, City of 1000 Lakes, Sedate Capital of the Bible Belt
Athens of America, Beantown, Birthplace of Freedom, City of Paul Revere, Cradle of Liberty, Hub of American Culture, Hub of the Universe, Literary Emporium, Puritan City
Convention City, Gateway to the Rockies, Mile High City, Queen City of the Plains
Charley West, Chemical City, Kanawha River City
City Where Summer Winters, Heart of the Sun Country, Metropolis of the Desert, Miracle City in the Valley of the Sun
Camellia Capital of the World, Golden City, Heart of _____, Where _____Began
Deseret, City of the Saints, Mormon Capital, Mormon Metropolis, New Jerusalem, _____ Zion
City of Oaks, Trading Center
Courteous Capital City, Heart of the Commonwealth, State City
Capital City, City of Iron and Clay, ' [____] makes, The World Takes'
Convention City, Jeff City
NicknameState capitalState
Middle of Marketing America, Rose Capital of the World
Cornhusker Capital City, Hartford of the West, Lilac City
Bear's Place, Capital of the Evergreen State
Last Chance Gulch, Queen City of the Mountains
Cradle of the American Union, Edinburgh of America, Historic and Colorful Capital of the Empire State
Boston of the West, Gateway to the Famed Northwoods, North Star City, Saintly City
City of Manifold Advantages, City of Year-Round Recreation
Flower City, Great American Shrine, Home of Abraham Lincoln
Big A, Big Peach, (Business) Hub of the Southeast, City Too Busy to Hate, Dogwood City, Gate City (Paris) of the South
Ancient City, Athens of America, Crabtown-on-the-Bay, Home of the US Naval Academy, Venice of America
Cradle of Liberty
City in the Center of Hunting Lands, Gateway to the Black Hills, Home of the Giant Oahe Dam
Arkopolis, City of Roses, City of 3 Capitols
Ancient City, City Different, Oldest and Quaintest City in the US, Royal City
Capital of the Confederacy, Capital of the Old South, City of 7 Hills, Cockade City
Center of the Nation
Cherry City, Fisherman's Paradise, Heart of the Pacific Wonderland
City Beside the Broad Missouri, Skyscraper City of the Praires
Bluegrass Capital, Heart of _____
Capital City of the Green Mountain State, Green Mountain City, Insurance of Granite Center
Big Heart of _____, Boom Town Without Oil, City of the Violet Crown, Live Music Capital of the World
Center of Pineapple Industry, Crossroads of the Pacific, Exciting City of Welcome
Charter Oak City, City Beautiful, Insurance Capital of the World, Gateway to _____
Hell on Wheels, Home of Frontier Days, Magic City of the Plains
Gateway to Lake Tahoe and Yosemite Valley

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