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Can you name the Company whose name is derived from mythology?

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AA. All-purpose cleaner, one of the first products introduced by Colgate-Palmolive in 1947.
For Answer, type: AA Answer
AB. Dessert consisting of oranges and coconut.
For Answer, type: AB Answer
AC. Tires, van line, and AC. Tires, van line, and U.S. liquid-propelled intercontinental ballistic missile.
For Answer, type: AC Answer
AD. Full-size luxury sports sedan made by the Oldsmobile, manufactured from 1994-2003.
For Answer, type: AD Answer
AE. The flagship sedan of Toyota in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and the Middle East.
For Answer, type: AE Answer
AF. U.S. Army medical branch's snake-wrapped insignia, mistakenly used (instead of the Rod of Asclepius) for a symbol of medicine.
For Answer, type: AF Answer
AG. Jacques Cousteau's oceanographic ship
and a type of Caribbean folk music.
For Answer, type: AG Answer
AH. Any of the awards given annually
for special achievement in advertising.
For Answer, type: AH Answer
AI. A mid-size sedan marketed
by Toyota 1976 -1993.
For Answer, type: AI Answer
AJ. Tennis machine used to determine
whether a ball is in or out of bounds.
For Answer, type: AJ Answer
AK. Magazine of the Academy of Arts and Sciences.
For Answer, type: AK Answer
AL. A subcompact automobile that was manufactured in Japan by Toyota from 1999 through to 2005. (Called the Toyota Yaris in some markets.)
For Answer, type: AL Answer
AM. Tranquilizer/sleeping pill
from the Upjohn Company.
For Answer, type: AM Answer
AN. Brand of personal care products such as hair dryers, flat irons, curling irons, curling brushes,
and even some cosmetics.
For Answer, type: AN Answer
AO. Film distributer whose initial success came from Ingmar Bergman's The Seventh Seal (1957).
Be sure to give the name of the company.
For Answer, type: AO Answer
AP. Candy bar first manufactured in Slough, Berkshire (UK, 1932), made with Cadbury's chocolate as 'couverture'. In US, made with nugget, caramel & milk chocolate coating.
For Answer, type: AP Answer
AQ. An automobile marque of the Ford Motor Company launched in 1938 by Edsel Ford, to market entry-level luxury cars, discontinued in 2011.
For Answer, type: AQ Answer
AR. Muffler brand...'Get the ______ touch!'
For Answer, type: AR Answer
AS. One of the world's largest suppliers
of athletic shoes and apparel.
For Answer, type: AS Answer
AT. Honda's first minivan.
For Answer, type: AT Answer
AU. Mobile Oil's trademark.
For Answer, type: AU Answer
AV. U.S. auto maker, subsidiary of General Motors, from 1985 - 2010, or space-vehicle booster.
For Answer, type: AV Answer
AW. Whistle with a loud, piercing sound.
For Answer, type: AW Answer
AX. Ford mid-size (1986-2007), and
later full-size (2008-present) car.
For Answer, type: AX Answer
AY. Ford mid-size car (1955-2005).
When introduced, it created the market niche eventually known as the personal luxury car.
For Answer, type: AY Answer
AZ. Ill-fated unsinkable ship that sank (1912).
For Answer, type: AZ Answer
BA. Sugarless gum and U.S. submarine-launched nuclear missiles deployed in the 1980's.
For Answer, type: BA Answer
BB. Pickup truck produced by Mitsubishi Motors, originally known as the Mitsubishi Forte.
For Answer, type: BB Answer
BC. Louisville, Kentucky private golf club,
designed by Jack Nicklaus, opened in 1986.
For Answer, type: BC Answer
BD. World's 'largest selling quality drawing pencil'.
For Answer, type: BD Answer
BE. Charles Goodyear's rubber-strengthening process.
For Answer, type: BE Answer
BF. Production company that produces feature films, educational films, and documentaries,
including 2007 Peabody-award winning
Judgment Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.
Give the name of the company.
For Answer, type: BF Answer
BG. Brand of spring water sold regionally by Nestlé Waters North America, sourced from Crystal Springs.
For Answer, type: BG Answer

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