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Very handsome young man, from the name of the Greek youth loved by Aphrodite because he was so handsome
Someone in need of renewing the source of his strength, from the giant who was invincible as long as he was in contact with the earth
A wild party or drunken partygoer, after the Roman god of wine
Person whose warnings of doom are disregarded, from the name of the prophetess, cursed by Apollo, whose prophecies were never to be believed
Irresistibly fascinating woman or any woman who tempts men with her beauty, from the name of the enchantress who had the power to change men into swine
The scientific study of the universe and the branch of metaphysics dealing with the origin and structure of the universe
Godlike person; person held in high esteem
Athletic young woman who carries herself gracefully, from the Roman or Greek goddess of the hunt and moon
Chance, prosperity, fate, good luck, wealth, success, or riches, from the name of the goddess of chance and good luck in Roman mythology
Terrible, terrifying, ugly, repulsive woman, or anything fearful or offensive, from the 3 sisters who were so ugly, sight of them turned the beholder to stone
Person or living thing with contradictory characteristics, from Hermes and Aphrodite's son who had both male and female sex organs after becoming joined with a nymph while bathing
Fabulous, dreamlike setting, like that found by Odysseus where North African coastal people were forgetful and free from all cares because they ate the fruit of a certain tree
Fabled female marine creature with the body of a woman from the waist up and a fish from the waist down, based on the Sirens of Greek mythology
Fabled male marine creature with the body of a man from the waist up and a fish from the waist down, based on the Greek sea god Triton as depicted in art
Girl or woman swimmer, especially an expert one, from the name of the water nymphs who ruled over streams, ponds, rivers, and lakes
Weeping, inconsolable woman or mother, from the mother whose 12 children were slain by Apollo and Artemis because she bragged about having so many when Leto or Latona had only two
Man-eating monster in folklore and fairytales, possibly from the name of Orcus, the Roman god of the underworld or the Roman name for Pluto and Hades
Period of four years from one Olympic Games to the next, from the site where athletic games were originally held
A faithful wife, from the name of Odysseus' wife who for 20 years waited patiently for his return from the Trojan War
Any period of unrestrained revelry, from the name of the 7-day feast of merrymaking and debauchery honoring the Roman god of agriculture during the winter solstace
Lecherous and lustful male, from the name of Dionysus' part-man, part-goat attendants who were usually drunk and chased nymphs
Person having a very loud or powerful voice, from the name of the Greek herald in the Trojan War described in the Iliad as having the voice of 50 men

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