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Any large, powerful, aggressive woman, especially if she is working a 'man's job,' from the name of the race of single-breasted warlike women who lived in the Black Sea region
Very handsome man, from the name of the Greek and Roman god of sunlight, poetry, music, and prophecy who exemplified manly youth and beauty
Observant person or watchful guardian, from the name of the 100-eyed giant that Hera set to guard Io when Hera suspected Io had been changed into a heifer
Great confusion, total disorder, or a confused mixture, from the term for the formless, confused state of matter out of which a supreme being created all things
Overflowing supply or a decorative horn-shaped container, from the horn of the goat that suckled Zeus, known for its magical ability to fill itself with whatever its owner desired
Russian astronaut, from the name the Greeks gave to the order that replaced Chaos
Paradise or any place of complete happiness, from the abode of the blessed after death
Waiter or bartender, from the name of the Trojan youth carried off to Olympus by Zeus to be successor of Hebe as cupbearer to the gods
Greedy person and a scolding, ill-tempered, shrewish woman, from the name of the hideous, winged monster with the head and body of a woman and the tail, legs, and talons of a bird
Long narrative or long series of disasters, from the name of Homer's epic about the 20-year Trojan War
Stately and regal woman, from the name of the Roman queen of the gods
Oblivion, forgetfulness, from the name of the river of Hades that produced forgetfulness for those who drank from it
Any insane person, from the name of the Roman goddess of the moon, who could cause a person to go mad if that person offended her
Poet, the genius of a poet, or the spirit that inspires a poet, from the name for any one of the 9 goddesses of the fine arts and sciences
Any drink with a delicious flavor, originally designating the life-giving drink of the gods; or a sweet liquid in flowers which attracts birds and insects
Unnatural or excessive fear of the night or darkness, from the name of Nyx, the Greek goddess of night
Drunken parties, originally identifying the secret rites or ceremonies of drinking, singing, and wild dancing dedicated to the worship of some gods, especially Demeter and Dionysus
Abrupt, unreasoning, hysterical fear, from the name of the Greek god of the fields, who the ancients believed caused great fear among their herds or among people
A beautiful person or institution that rises from the ashes of its predecessor, from the name of a mythical bird who regenerated itself every 500 years
Mysterious person giving enigmatic questions or answers, from a winged monster with a lion's body and a woman's head that asked passers by riddles, killing those unable to answer
Person who does nothing but scold and criticize, from the ugly Greek warrior who continued to insult King Agamemnon until Odysseus struck him across the back with his scepter
Any violent storm, especially a cyclonic storm in the western Pacific and South China Sea, from a decapitated fire-breathing monster who became in Tartarus the father of all winds

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