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Anything that tastes or smells delicious, from the 'food for the gods' because those who ate it became immortal, or a dessert of sliced coconut, oranges, and bananas
Place epitomizing rustic peace and simplicity, from the name of a region in Peloponnesus, known for the pastoral innocence of its people; used as a setting by the pastoral poets
An adventurer in search of something dangerous but rewarding, or an 1849 immigrant to California, from the name given to the heroes who accompanied Jason to seek the Golden Fleece
Dawn or daybreak, from the name of the Roman goddess of the dawn
Figuratively, a ferryman, alluding to the old boatman in Greek mythology who ferried the soulds of the dead across the River Styx and other rivers into Hades
Universe considered as an orderly system, from the name the Greeks gave to the order that replaced Chaos
Greed or a strong desire to possess things, especially wealth, from the name of the Roman god of love
Freudian instinct of sexual desire, from the name of the Greek god of love
Intellectually gifted or exceptionally creative person or person thought to have a strong influence over another, from the name the Romans gave to a person's guardian spirit
Waitress or barmaid, from the cupbearer of the gods until she was replcaced by Ganymede
Any persistent or difficult problem, especially one that increases in difficulty, from the name of the many-headed serpent of Greek mythology that grew 2 heads when one was cut off
Rainbow or the 'colored' part of the eye, from the goddess of the rainbow
Anyone struggling against overwhelming forces, from the name of the the priest of Apollo at Troy who warned the Trojans against taking the wooden horse inside the city
Cruel, vengeful, and jealous woman, from the name of the sorceress, wife of Jason, who killed her children and Jason's wife-to-be after Jason decided to divorce her
Unquestioning subordinate who executes orders without question, from the Greek for 'ant,' identifying the Thessalian warriors who followed Achilles, their king, to the Trojan War
Just punishment, one who imposes retribution, or a formidable and unbeatable rival, from the name of the Greek goddess of vengeance or retribution
Any attractive and sometimes seductive young woman, from the name for the minor female spirits who lived on Earth in the mountains, forests, trees, and waters
Any safeguard, as of a city, institution, or tradition, from the Greek goddess of wisdom and the arts, Athena, or Pallas Athena, whose colossal wooden statue protected Troy
Any center of poetic or artistic inspiration, a collection of poems, or the world of poetry, from the home of Apollo and the Muses, a mountain near the Gulf of Corinth
Government by the wealthy from the Greek god of wealth
Strength and endurance, from the plural of the Latin word stamen for 'threads,' referring to the threads of life as spun by the Fates
Any person of great size, power, influence, or ability, from the name of the race of giant deities who ruled the heavens until overthrown by the Olympians
Beautiful and charming woman, from the Roman goddess of love and beauty

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