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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) Myths investigated by Mythbusters (2006 Part VIII)?

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MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
Tesla invented a small steam-powered machine that caused an earthquake-like effect on the object it is attached to.
22,000 ft fall through glass ceiling is survivable if a 1,000-lb bomb explodes below.
Leaving a light on will save electricity.
Could Benjamin Franklin have survived the shock from kite experiment?
Newspaper paper crossbow can kill across a cell block.
(Revisit) An arrow can be split in half through a direct hit in the tail by another arrow.
A hybrid rocket can be propelled with salami.
Carburetor magnets increase fuel efficiency.
Acetone mixed with the gasoline increases fuel efficiency.
MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
'Miracle carburetor' gets 300 mpg.
A tidal whirlpool can sink a container ship.
A tidal whirlpool can sink a fishing trawler.
A tidal whirlpool can sink a person.
Can drill into safe with a thermal lance, fill with water, detonate explosive inside without damaging the contents.
If two hammers strike each other, or a hammer strikes an anvil, at least one hammer will completely shatter with lethal force.
Anti-gravity is possible
The vortex from a passing train can suck a person onto the tracks.
The MythBusters can build a successful holiday-themed Rube Goldberg machine within a week's time.

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