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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) Myths investigated by Mythbusters (2006 Part III)?

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MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
A cereal box can have more nutritional value than the cereal.
It is possible to catch a fired bullet in one piece with one's teeth.
'Water fuel cell' increases fuel efficiency.
Used cooking oil can be used to increase fuel efficiency.
Air duct can be surreptitiously scaled with magnets.
Air duct can be surreptitiously scaled with a system of suction cups.
Blowing cosmetic powder across a system of laser beam detectors will make beams visible.
A person can successfully dodge a system of laser beam detectors by using night vision goggles.
A person can successfully dodge a system of laser beam detectors by pointing another laser at the photodetector.
MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
Can silently cut glass door, remove piece with suction cup.
A glass door can be cut open silently by drilling a hole.
Pressure sensor under glass case can be fooled by squeezing knife between glass & sensor, using gum to hold sensor.
Pressure sensor under glass..., using duct tape to hold it in place.
A safe can be quickly cracked by using a stethoscope.
Safe crackable by drilling hole, visually causing tumblers to fall into place..
A suction cup system can be used to scale a (23-story) skyscraper.
Archimedes was able to build a powerful steam cannon, using technology available at the time.

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