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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) Myths investigated by Mythbusters (2006 Part I)?

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MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
Vodka can remove cigarette smoke smell from clothes.
Vodka can kill bees like an insecticide.
Vodka can be used as a bathroom cleaner.
Fire can be started by rubbing two sticks together.
Fire can be started by using a bullet.
Fire can be started by focused reflective light from soda can bottom polished with chocolate.
Fire can be started by using steel wool and the ends of a battery.
Fire can be started by using ice.
An array of bronze mirrors can set a wooden ship on fire.
MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
Regulation football flies farther with helium than compressed air.
Flatulence increased by beans.
Flatulence increased by carbonated soft drinks.
Flatulence increased by consuming beef.
Possible to flatuate so much that one can suffocate.
Lighting a match will burn the odorous gases in a flatus.
(Aired subsequently) Pretty girls do not pass gas.
(Aired subsequently) It is possible to ignite a flatus.

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