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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) myths investigated by Mythbusters (2005 part II)?

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MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
An infrasonic 'brown note' can cause loss of bowel control.
Urine-soaked silk shirt wrapped around jail cell bars bends them.
¼ mile+ down-hill course, toy car can beat a full-sized Dodge Viper powered only by gravity.
Cola can be used as a toilet cleaner.
Steel-toe boots more dangerous than normal boots; heavy weight can result in toes cut off.
Babylonians created a crude battery.
A person can be electrocuted by talking on the phone during a lightning storm.
A rolling stone can truly gather no moss
Brace position designed by airlines to kill people (to save money in law suits.)
Aluminum paint on actor Jack Haley, the Tin Man, in The Wizard of Oz caused an adverse reaction that hospitalized him.
MYTH EXPLOREDC, B, or PExplanation
It is possible to do a 360° loop on a rigid-arm swingset.
Great White Shark can destroy dive cage.
Sharks can be caught using piano wire (deleted Jaws scene).
Canadian Air Force pilots were explosively decapitated when hair gel exploded in oxygen-rich cockpit.
(Retest) Large sheet of plywood will slow a fall from a building; make it survivable.
Ancient Chinese able to detect tunneling invaders with drum submerged in a shaft.
Confederacy built & launched a 2-stage rocket 120 miles from Richmond to Washington D.C.
Magnetized arm bands cure seasickness.
Shotgun plugged by a human finger will explode injuring shooter.
Can split an arrow down the middle with a 2nd arrow as in The Adventures of Robin Hood.

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