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Can you name the busted (B), confirmed (C) or plausible (P) myths investigated by Mythbusters (2004 part IV)?

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Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
A free energy device can be made to harness enough energy to power a house.
A frozen chicken launched in a bird strike simulation can penetrate aircraft or train windshields better than a thawed chicken.
A rowing eight can pull a water skier.
Sinking ship will suck a person under with it.
(Revisited) An ice bullet can kill someone without leaving a trace.
Urinating on an electric fence can cause electrocution
A fuel tank will explode if a bullet is shot through it.
Sugar in the tank will destroy a car's engine.
A piece of metal can destroy an engine when it falls in the carburetor.
Tomato can eliminate skunk musk odor.
Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
A douche can eliminate skunk musk odor.
1/4 in polycarbonate shield can stop bullet.
Holding a large sheet of plywood will slow a fall from a building enough to make it survivable.
Can beat radar by dangling CDs from rear-view mirror.
Bouncing microwaves at it jams police radar.
Can beat police speed radar by painting the car with special radar absorbing paint, like a stealth aircraft.
Jawbreaker can explode when bitten after being heated in microwave or left in the sun in the wrapper.
Ping-pong balls can be used to raise a sunken ship.
Overusing bug bombs can blow up a house.
A urine stream can freeze in the cold of winter.

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