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Can you name the Busted (B), Confirmed (C) or Plausible (P) Myths investigated by Mythbusters (2004 Part II)?

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Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Woman swallowed a fertilized octopus egg; gestated in her stomach, later a live octopus was cut out of her body.
A goldfish's memory lasts only three seconds.
Daddy long-legs has most potent venom of all spiders, but is unable to pierce human skin.
Leaving a can of aerosol spray or cola inside a hot car can cause it to explode.
A SCUBA diver can be sucked up by a firefighting helicopter and dumped on a forest fire.
Liquid drain clog remover put in tank, will destroy car's engine.
Cola can be used in radiator as a coolant.
Archimedes constructed a death ray by reflecting sunlight onto, and thus igniting, Roman vessels.
The smell of skunk musk can be removed with a custom mixture.
Bullets can be stopped by a deck of playing cards.
Bullets can be stopped by an inch-thick polycarbonate panel rated bullet resistant.
Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Can legally beat radar by jingling a set of keys.
Can beat lidar, jamming it by lining front license plate with LEDs.
Painting car matte-black beats radar by absorbing radar and light beams.
'Killer Quicksand' like in the movies (i.e. quicksand that slowly sucks any person or animal unlucky enough to fall into it under) really exists.
An ordinary playing card can kill a person if thrown with enough power.
A boom-lift can potentially catapult its operator 200 feet, in a concept similar to a traction trebuchet.
Modern technology can render the phrase 'like finding a needle in a haystack' obsolete.
Frozen turkey can explode if dropped into deep fryer pot too fast.
A falling icicle can kill a person.
Rednecks returning from frog hunting use live .22LR cartridge to replace burned-out fuse in pickup; bullet heats, discharges, driver hit in groin, required surgery.

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