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Can you name the busted (B), confirmed (C) or plausible (P) myths investigated by Mythbusters (2004 part I)?

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Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Explosive decompression can occur when bullet is fired through fuselage of a pressurized airplane; hole grows and can cause plane to break.
Man fell into washing machine & tripped spin cycle; he was bludgeoned to death; detergent & bleach spilled & his dog urinated on baking soda, causing an explosion.
Fecal coliform bacteria can travel from a toilet to a toothbrush and grow in its bristles.
Jimmy Hoffa was buried in Giants Stadium.
(Revisited) Using cell phone while pumping gas can cause an explosion.
(Revisited) Covering body in gold paint is lethal (skin asphyxiation) like in movie Goldfinger.
A car door can protect a person from bullets.
Adding mothballs to the fuel tank increases the horsepower.
Bleach in the oil can destroy the engine.
Skunk musk smell can be removed with beer.
Bullets can be stopped by a Zippo lighter.
Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Dropping a bowling ball on a tiled floor will shatter the tiles.
Opening an umbrella will slow a fall from a building enough to make it survivable.
You can legally beat police radar by covering hubcaps in tin foil.
You can legally beat police radar by covering entire car in tin foil.
You can legally beat police radar by shooting scraps of tin foil behind the car as chaff.
One can be killed by dropping an electrical appliance into a bath full of water.
A construction worker accidentally killed himself with static charge after sandblasting an 8' PVC pipe.
Running a car with air conditioning on is more fuel efficient than running with the windows down.
A 15th century astrologer from China made it into space on a throne powered by 47 bamboo rockets.
Placing a silver spoon in a bottle of champagne will make the bubbles last longer.

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