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Can you name the busted (B), confirmed (C) or plausible (P) myths investigated by Mythbusters (2003 part I)?

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Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Poison capsule fired from umbrella can kill without a trace.
Gelatin bullet can kill, without a trace.
You will be drier running in the rain rather than walking.
Silicone breast implants may explode at high altitudes.
A bricklayer hoisting a wooden barrel full of bricks with a pulley from the top of a three-story building could be injured repeatedly.
Coin on a train track will derail train.
Penny dropped from skyscraper can kill a pedestrian or embed itself into the sidewalk.
It is possible to cook one's insides by using a tanning bed too often.
If a glass of water is microwaved, removed, and an additive placed in it, it can explode due to superheating.
Coca cola will remove bloodstains.
Myth exploredC, B, or PExplanation
Coca cola will act as a toilet cleaner.
Coca cola will dissolve a tooth overnight.
Coca cola will clean a penny.
Coca cola will remove greasy stains in laundry.
Coca cola will kill sperm.
Metal body piercings attract lightning.
Tricks can beat breathalyzer (mints, onion, mouthwash, putting penny, battery, or ice in mouth, wearing dentures.)
If decomposing body is left in car long enough, smell cannot be removed completely.
A hillbilly was blasted 200 feet out of a culvert when he tried to light gasoline in an attempt to chase down a raccoon which had escaped down the pipe.
A duck's quack does not echo.

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