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TitleThe way 'Nothing' would be written today, if we went by its pronunciation in Shakespeare's day; its use has several meanings all relevant to the play -- 1. nothing; 2. a woman's private parts; 3. singing; 4. observing
1:1:1-177Don Pedro and his men return from war; Beatrice, Leonato's niece, participates in an extended war of words with Benedick; with whom does Claudio fall in love with?
1:1:178-252Benedick mocks Claudio; Benedick also says that he will never do what?
1:1:253-291Who agrees to pretend to be Claudio, woo his intended for him, talk to her father, and then deliver her to Claudio?
1:2:1-25Antonio' s man overhears, or notes, part of the conversation about the plan to win Claudio his woman; who does he tell Antonio is going to propose to Hero; Antonio informs Leonato?
1:3:1-64Upon hearing the plan related correctly, which melancholy character begins to plot trouble?
2:1:1-56Beatrice protests to her uncle Leonato that she will never marry, saying that men with what are too old for her, and men without these are too young for her.
2:1:57-135During the masked ball, Antonio's stand in successfully woos Hero, though she is aware of the ruse; the women all see through the men's disguises; who does Beatrice somewhat sharply criticize, under the ruse of pretending to believe he is someone else?
2:1:136-160When Don John and Borachio tell Claudio that Don Pedro is proposing to Hero, Hero immediately believes it saying friendship is constant in all things except the affairs of what?
2:1:161-321As Benedick is expressing his hurt feelings and protesting that he would never marry Beatrice, who does he and Claudio find out that Hero has agreed to marry?
2:1:322-345Don Pedro asks Claudio, Leonato, and Hero to help him trick Benedick and Beatrice into doing what?
2:2:1-50Don John and Borachio hatch their evil plan; Borachio and Margaret will profess their love to each other, however Margaret will be disguised as who; the wooing will also take place in this person's bedroom?
2:3:1-34Benedick is lamenting that Claudio has fallen in love, and that he now prefers the 'tabor and pipe' to the 'drum' and what other instrument conjuring up images of war?
2:3:35-88Balthasar says 'There's not a note of mine that's worth the noting' meaning that he can't do what well? Benedick, thinking he is not noticed by the others, mocks him?
2:3:89-246As Don John and the others talk about how Beatrice loves Benedick, and Benedick overhears, thinking they do not know he is eavesdropping, Benedick warms to the idea of marrying her; when Beatrice appears and insults him, he interprets a double meaning to her words; he says he would be a villain if he did not do what?
3:1:1-116Hero and Ursula speak of how much Benedick loves Beatrice, this time with Beatrice thinking she is eavesdropping unnoticed; Beatrice decides to give her heart to him; Hero points out that Cupid sometimes kills with arrows, and sometimes with what?
3:2:1-69Don Pedro, Leonato, and Claudio pretending not to know Benedict has overheard them, tease him suggesting he is acting as though he is in love; what do they notice he has lost, something that Beatrice has previously said she did not like?
3:2:70-119Don John tells Claudio and Don Pedro that Hero is unfaithful, and promises to prove it to them that night, if they meet him outsider her bed chamber; Claudio is quickly convinced; if it proves true, where does he say he will disgrace her?
3:3:1-166Who do the nightwatchmen overhear and arrest telling Conrad of how well the plan went to fool Claudio into thinking Hero was unfaithful?
3:5:1-67Who do the nightwatchmen approach to reveal the plot that they had uncovered the previous night; because of their inability to communicate the nature of their report, they are sent on their way without the plot being revealed?
Acts 3, 4, 5The master constable, whose malapropisms provide comic relief and heighten suspense
4:1:1-152As Claudio exclaims at the altar that Hero has been unfaithful, and as Leonato asks for a dagger point, after Hero denies having done anything wrong, what does she do?
4:1:153-252Friar Francis protests that Hero appeared to be innocent, and suggests a plan to make the culprits repent of their deed; what does he suggest they should pretend happened to Hero?
4:1:253-327As Benedick and Beatrice are professing their love with gentle banter, what does Beatrice ask Benedick to do; Benedick reluctantly agrees?
5:1:1-110Leonato, deeply depressed, challenges Claudio to what; Don Pedro puts him off, expressing grief for the death of his daughter, but insisting Hero was rightly accused?
5:1:111-199Benedick quits Don Pedro's service, challenges Claudio to a duel, and as he is leaving informs them that Don Pedro's brother, Don John has done what?
5:1:200-325As they hear the true story of Don John's evil plot, but still believe Hero to be dead, Don John and Claudio beg forgiveness from Leonato, and offer to do anything they can to make amends; what does Leonato asks them to declare Hero's innocence, write an epitaph and song for her, and what does he insist Claudio do?
5:4:1-71After Claudio reaffirms his intention of marrying Leonato's niece, even though she is veiled and he hasn't seen her face, the 'niece' removes her veil; who is she?
5:4:72-123Who requests to be married in a double ceremony?
5:4:124-129Whose capture is announced in the final lines of the play?

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