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QUIZ: Can you name the people Mr. Peabody and Sherman visited?

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Show 27: This outlaw went to town in search of food. Threatened to destroy town. Mr. P showed him a picture of a beautiful woman and he fell asleep.
Left the picture to protect the town.
Show 29: This man's mountain climbing party was in danger of loosing a race to an Italian party, up a mountain because the 'Abdominal Snowman' was throwing snowballs at them. Mr. P
builds 3 snowmen playing bridge. Abdominal Snowman joins game, they progress.
Show 30: Instead of Indian Village, they found a luxurious hotel, the Yellowstone Biltmore, with an indian sitting inside it. He said he had a reservation, and they built the
hotel around him. Clerk declared war on him.
Show 32: This explorer crossing ocean, gets to edge, Mr. P turns ship around...navigator had sabotaged, and they really were at the Victoria Falls.
They return to Atlantic and cross the ocean.
Show 34: Members of the unit were playing horseshoes, oblivious to impending attack by Arabs. Refused to believe Mr. P, because Sheik was in Arabia. Mr. P gets sheik to
come to fort by offering free tour.
Not a person, a military unit.
Show 35: Inventor was electrocuting himself because wires were in canal. Mr. P tricks guards into draining canal.
Inventor finishes his invention.
Show 37: Chief Inspector of this organization trying to find stolen property. Detectives sent out to bring in every known fence.
They bring in white picket fences.
(Not a person, but an organization.)
Show 38: Ungainly ship with hatch open, and this inventor in it. Ship was supposed to go down, but it flew.
Mr. P puts rocks in ship to make it sink.
Show 40: This King is missing. Only clues: 'Steel' & 'Bas' carved in a piano. Mr. P finds him in prison, helps him escape. Prison's name is formed by putting clue
words together (though not spelled correctly.)
Show 41: Mr. P warns this explorer Incas are planning an ambush. Explorer ignores warnings, goes to sleep. Men are captured, and put in front of firing squad. Spears were
thrown, but at 20,000 feet, they slowed and stalled.
Show 42: Frontiersman thrown out of fort. His coonskin hat was made of skunk. As he was bathing, he was captured by Indians. Mr. P challenges Indians to a contest,
and wins freedom by making a smoke signaling typewriter.
Show 44: Francis Bacon was sabotaging this playwright's new play. Mad that he had stolen his play. Clears theater with lion, and throws eggs at playwright. Challenged to
duel. Mr. P thwarts duel. Duelists arrested.
Show 46: Mountain climber afraid to climb. Mr. P starts baseball game, sends him to outfield, up mountain. Keeps moving home plate higher, explorer moves higher too. At
midpoint, realizes trick. Mr. P paints Death Valley on his glasses to get him the rest of the way.
Show 47: Game: If McSnide wins, they will have to use a potato in this sport. If Angus wins, they can use a ball. Rocky has to play for Angus, and though McSnide cheats,
Rocky wins. They play this game with a ball now!
(Not a person, the first match of this sport.)
Show 49: Archer had lost his glasses
and couldn't see a thing.
Show 50: This artist was painting a chair. His famous model wanted to play Cowboy, and wouldn't sit for portrait.
Mr. P replaced chair with a hobby horse, model climbed on.
Show 52: Explorer couldn't leave on expedition, he owed the butcher money, so Mr. P has him fight a bull for a reward.
Mr. P puts ants in his pants, so explorer
eludes bull, wins reward, pays debt, and is free to go.

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