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Can you name the people Mr. Peabody and Sherman visited?

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Show 02: Scientist unable to get cow to give milk. His jealous step-brother/hypnotist had convinced cow it was a chicken. When uncovered, brother tried to hypnotize the
gang. Mr. P had reflective glasses and the brother hypnotized himself.
Show 04: This man had a bump on his head that made him want to rob from the poor. Sheriff calls for a contest, and Prince is inside target, moving it to ensure bullseye.
Mr. P throws beehive on target.
Show 05: Island had become a resort, upsetting this man who had lived alone. He buries coconuts filled with gunpowder in the sand. Mr. P digs them up, and checks
horoscope which says there will be an earthquake. Mr. P sends him to the other end of the island, which splits in two, leaving this man alone again.
Show 06: Find this explorer's men all turned to infants. Indians plan attack, but Mr. P spikes
their water and they become babies.
Show 08: Boxer can't get up because of heavy moustache. They try to cut it but the scissors are destroyed.
Mr. P ties balloons on it, and that works until he is lifted
in the air, gets near to candles, and balloons pop.
Show 09: This famous painter had given up his other work, to focus on painting signs. He was stymied by a model who refused to smile. Mr. P determines that the problem is
a tooth ache, and brings her to a Pizzeria.
Show 11: They find this famous rider on a statue, unable to get it to run, no matter how much he tried.
Find a hog to ride,
but the hog takes him North.
Show 13: They go to 301 Chow Mein St, to a penny arcade where this person is in a booth, selling famous sayings
for 1 Yen. He is kidnapped by Ghenghis Khan.
Show 15: Fires are always breaking out around this emperor, who hates fire, but is always blamed for it. Every time a fire breaks out he has to fiddle. Mr. P suspects his
violin teacher. (Fire means emperor plays, emperor plays, he wants lessons.) Teacher gives him a violin with a giant match for a bow. Mr. P. puts out fire, teacher is arrested.
Show 16: English swimmer was afraid he wouldn't be able to complete his goal...(1) 19 miles was a long way to swim (2) It was cold (3) He couldn't swim...They teach him
to swim. After a failed attempt he is tempted to give up.
Show 17: Explorer stepping in a puddle, stuck in quicksand, and watching the Governor take a bath, believes each time he has sighted an ocean. Goes to
eye doctor. Residents want to build a canal, Mr. P tells them where to start shovelling. Sets out to find ocean.
Show 19: Peter Cooper had built this engine, and was to race a horse and buggy. Overcoming several obstacles,
engine approached the finish line well ahead of horse.
(The name of an engine)
Show 21: Brits are approaching and colonists are not firing because the the Brits are wearing sunglasses. Mr. P convinces them to take sunglasses off. Then convinces
them to put them back on.
(The name of a Battle)
Show 22: Customer is threatening to sue if they can't get his message from St. Joseph to Sacramento.
Message is on a 1/2 ton boulder.
(The name of an organization)
Show 23: They go to this persons ship, The Enterprise. The Philadelphia had been captured by corsairs. They wanted to set it on fire but they were out of matches.
They board Philadelphia dressed as Santa and helpers.
Show 24: Inventor was working on frivolous things, like developing a new cracker. Mr. P decided to build several booths to inspire him, but he just went into one
and voted for McKinley.
Show 26: Explorer wearing track pants and carrying a pole. He wanted to be a pole vaulter.
He got his wish, and became a pole vaulter.

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