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Can you name the people Mr. Peabody and Sherman visited?

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Show 01: Introductory show.
Dog Adopts Boy and builds this machine.
Show 02: They retrieve the imperial suspenders
belonging to this person, from enemy hands.
Show 03: This Admiral's ship is tied to the dock with a VERY long rope. Mr. P has to row back to the dock
to properly cast off (untie the rope).
Show 4: They capture a criminal, because this Wild West marshal is knocked unconscious.
Marshal's gun was useless, notches in the handle had destroyed it.
Show 5: They save his kingdom from a dragon, by feeding
it bubble gum (gets carried away after blowing bubble.)
Show 6: They found a piano stolen from this composer, so he could finish his symphony. After piano is returned,
composer decides not to finish the symphony after all.
Show 7: This woman's husband, the Lord of Pesaro, is eating a chair, because she had poisoned her previous
husband. They concoct an antidote for every known
poison, so her husband can eat real food once again.
Show 8: This explorer's ship sank, and even though cargo was retrieved, it was ruined. Explorer is saved
from the tower, when Mr. P. asks Queen Elizabeth I to taste the 'ruined' taffy.
Show 9: They save the day by keeping a famous inventor from getting sea sick so he could race his new ship, the Clermont. Mr. P. kept the inventor from getting sick
during the race, by painting murals (no one can get seasick when looking at the desert!)
Show 10: A marksman's gun has gone missing, and she cannot shoot well with her new rifle. She is scheduled for a shooting contest the next day, and her boss has
bet everything he has on her winning.
Show 12: Arrive on a train and are robbed by this man and his brother of everything they have (a pack of gum, and a copy of the Journal). Sherman accidentally is abducted
when he climbs in their bag trying to retrieve the gum.
Show 13: A bird fell in love with an airplane, and had stolen it from these people. Mr. P. painted an egg-shaped rock white, spread some straw,
and the bird was enticed to leave the plane.
Show 14: Calvary has leave to see Army Navy game, so Mr. P and Sherman go out with this general to look for Indians. They are captured, and Indians plan attack. Mr. P offers to
cook the customary pre warpath meal. He makes 1293 Wild Berry Pies.
Show 15: Arrive at a Villa which blows up. This man then moves to another lab in the villa, explaining the villa used to have 87 laboratories He blows up a few more labs.
He demonstrates his invention to engineers.
Show 17: Explorer was in prison sewing polo shirts for the national polo team. Mr. P challenges ruler to a game, explorers freedom is on the line. Mr. P wins,
but is also thrown in jail. Mr. P orchestrates their escape.
Show 19: English doing badly in battle, and worse, running low on tea and crumpets. Mr. P suggests to the chicken-hearted king that he meet his opponent in a one-on-one
battle, and gives him a magic sword, so he can't loose.
Show 20: This person is trying to kill himself, because he loves onions and women won't kiss him any more. After failing in their attempt to help him get over his onion
addiction, Mr. P saves the day by giving him breath mints.
Show 22: General couldn't move troops, toll collector was demanding a nickel a person. Next day was Free Bridge Day. Raised suspicion, because Free Bridge Day didn't
start until after the Civil War. Sabotage of bridge thwarted.
Show 23: Alert, a horse, contracts sleeping sickness. Vet says can't be cured, but Mr. P has horse sniff glue. Vet gave Jockey vitamins & he has a growth spurt.
Suspect Vet sabotage, Sherman rides with glue. Sherman chosen as jockey, given glue to keep horse awake.
NOT a person, but an event
Show 25: Hide & Sick, trapeze artists and partners in this man's circus want it to shut down, so that it becomes theirs. Knowing the show will close if they don't perform,
they so refuse, until Mr. P climbs to platform with a skunk.
Show 26: Two are arguing about which one of them can 'presume.' Cannibals capture them. Chiefs father has been standing in a river for 3 1/2 months. Chief wants him out,
because he is scaring the fish. Two decide whoever can get him out can 'presume.'
Two names separated by 'and'

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