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Forced Order
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Catch-_____A no-win situation.
_____-ring circusAny confused situation, especially when many
activities are taking place at the same time.
To be on cloud _____To be extremely happy.
_____ degree.Mental or physical torture in the questioning of
a prisoner to obtain information or a confession.
Wouldn't touch it with
a _____ foot pole.
Unwillingness to get involved.
_____ winks.Short nap or brief sleep during the day.
_____ column.Any group of people giving aid to the enemy from within their own country.
Like _____ peas in a pod.Identical.
_____ rail.Something dangerous to meddle with.
Section _____Military discharge for mental incompetence or military ineptitude.
Dime a _____.Something readily available and very inexpensive.
_____ hole.Clubhouse bar where golfers meet after playing a round of golf.
First ______ years are the hardest.Life will always be difficult.
_____ sheets to the wind.To be very drunk.
Give me _____.Slapping someone's hand as a greeting or a sign of agreement.
_____ nature.Acquired habits and behavior that seem to
have become part of the person's makeup.
____-flusher.Person who pretends to be what he is not; a bluffer.
_____-year itch.Married man's urge to roam after so many years of marriage.
_____-day wonder.Second lieutenant, or an officer commissioned after
only a short time at an officer candidate school.
_____ banana.Person in a subordinate, sometimes subservient role.
A picture is worth a ______ words.Pictures convey more information than words.
Behind the _____ ball.In an unfavorable or awkward position.
_____ senseESP, psychic ability.
To take the _____To refuse to answer on the grounds that you might incriminate yourself.

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