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To have _____ left feet.Clumsy.
A stitch in time saves _____Prompt action now to fix a problem will
avoid having to fix a bigger problem later.
Baker's _____.Thirteen of anything, for the price of twelve.
Back to square _____.To start all over again or to find out what went wrong.
____'s company, _____'s a crowd.A third wheel can ruin intimacy.(enter 2 numbers)
Sweet _____.Traditionally the most important teenage birthday, especially for girls.
At _____es and _____ens.In a state of confusion or disorganization.(enter 2 numbers)
_____-faced.Dishonest; hypocritical.
_____-guess.To use hindsight to correct something already done or said.
To deep _____.To bury or get rid of something
(from the nautical slang for throwing something overboard.)
_____ Estate.Journalism, or the press.
_____-story man.Burglar who robs houses by entering through an upstairs window.
$_____ questionMost important question upon which everything is riding.
_____-hour.Precise time established for the beginning of an attack,
a military operation, or a notable event; critical point.
_____ wheel.Superfluous thing or person.
_____ wind.New source of energy, enabling one to contiue working or playing.
_____ days' wonder.Something or someone sensational for a short period of time.
The _____.Most exclusive social set of society.
It takes _____ to tango.Number of people that are needed to accomplish certain things.
_____ /_____ / _____Nonstop, continuously.(enter 3 numbers)
_____Elementary. (one 3-digit number)
_____ shakes of a lamb's tailA short period of time.
To play _____ fiddleTo be in an inferior position to a superior.
_____ WorldEconomically underdeveloped countries.

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