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Highest mountain range
Longest mountain range
Largest mountain measured from its base below the sea to the peak
Largest freshwater lake, by volume, located on the U.S.-Canadian border
Largest group of freshwater lakes
Deepest spot in the oceans
World's saltiest body of water
Highest navigable lake
Largest tropical coral reef
Highest waterfall
Longest river
Largest river by drainage basin
Widest river
Oldest lake
Deepest lake
Largest inland sea OR largest lake, by area
Largest gulf
Largest bay
Largest sea
Largest Ocean
Smallest Ocean
Largest archipelago or largest group of islands
Country with the longest coastline
World's largest (polar) desert
World's largest subtropical desert
World's largest cold winter desert
World's largest cool coastal desert
Lowest spot on the Earth's surface
Lowest permanently inhabited site
Largest peninsula
Tallest building in the world
Largest pyramid in the world
Tallest man-made monument
Longest highway
Widest highway
Highest capital
Lowest capital
Country with the largest number of Spanish Speakers
Country with the largest number of Portuguese Speakers
Country with the largest number of Arabic Speakers

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