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1:1:-90To whom does the duke leave in charge of Vienna in his absence?
1:1:30-90Who is left second-in-command?
1:2:1-42With what country do the soldiers complain the duke might make peace, implying they will be out of a job and go hungry?
1:2:42-174Upon the order of the Angelo, what punishment is levied against Claudio for having committed adultery?
1:2:174-192To where does Claudio send Lucio to find his sister, in order for her to plead his case to Angelo?
1:3:1-45The Duke tells Friar Thomas that he is leaving so Angelo can enforce what more strictly?
1:3:46-58As what does the duke disguise himself, so that he can observe both rulers and people?
2:1:1-33As Escalus argues for leniency, he asks if Angelo has so been tempted; Angelo tells him that temptation is different from act. What does he say should happen to him if he were to so act on his temptation?
2:1:45-295When Angelo leaves the confusing discussion with Elbow, Pompey, and Froth, in the hands of Escalus, what punishment does he say he hopes Escalus will mete out to the latter two? (Escalus concurs with the reasonableness of this punishment, but in the end, leaves them off with a warning.)
2:2:35-224As Isabella pleads her brother's case to Angelo, who constantly coaxes her to speak more warmly, get on her knees, grab his cloak, and touch him, leading him to finally agree to think on it overnight?
2:3:1-48As the duke, in disguise, determines that Juliet is truly repentant for her sin, who does he tell her is more to blame (and she concurs)?
2:4:1-201When Angelo finally gets Isabella to understand that he is asking her to sleep with him, in return for her brother's freedom, what in addition to execution, does he threaten Claudio with if she refuses?
3:1:1-170Who helps Claudio to accept his fate, so that when Isabella (apparently reluctantly) tells him of the offer made by Angelo, he initially rejects it, though eventually attempts to convince her to give herself up to Angelo for him?
3:1:170-295The duke concocts a plan so that Isabella will agree to sleep with Angelo, but will change places with Mariana; Angelo had been engaged to her, but broke it off because he would not receive what?
3:2:87-185Who suggests to the disguised duke, that the duke would be more lenient with sexual transgressions because he indulges in them himself? (The disguised duke threatens to reveal his accusation to the duke, and instructs him to see the duke upon the duke's return.)
3:2:217-260Who praises the duke, to the disguised duke?
4:1:1-83After the duke checks the progress of his plan with Isabella, and introduces her to Mariana, he tells Mariana that sleeping with Angelo would not be what, since they were already committed to be married by a 'precontract' (much like the one Claudio and Juliet had)?
4:2:60-138Despite Isabella having agreed to sleep with Angelo, several messages insisting the execution take place arrive at the prison; What object does Angelo wish be brought to him after the execution?
4:2:60-227The disguised duke tries to get the provost to delay Claudio's execution, asking him to trick Angelo with the execution and head of Barnardine, also scheduled to be executed, but the provost refuses until the duke shows him a letter from whom?
4:3:21-107The duke's plan hits a snag when Barnardine decides he is not ready to die, but the duke and provost fool Angelo with a pirate who has died in prison that night. What do they do with Bernardine and Claudio?
4:3:115-161What does the duke tell Isabella has happened to her brother?
5:1:1-192When the duke, as the duke, meets Angelo and Escalus at the city gates, all seems well. Who is the first to accuse Angelo, and is called mad by the duke, and renounced by Friar Peter?
5:1:193-288Who is second to confront Angelo with a fantastical story?
5:1:289-392As the duke, who had left, returns disguised as the friar, who speaks ill of him, claiming that the friar had spoken ill of the duke as a womanizer, causing Escalus to accuse him of inciting the women to make false claims against Angelo, and threatening him with prison?
5:1:393-420What does Lucio remove from the friar, revealing him to be the duke, and causing Angelo to confess his crimes and the veracity of the women's testimony?
5:1:421-522The duke instructs Angel to marry Mariana. After the marriage what does the duke initially say will be Angelo's fate for killing Claudio?
5:1:523-613Who is discharged from his office for executing Lucio, until Lucio is revealed procuring pardons for Lucio, Bernardine, Angelo, and a promotion for this man?
5:1:577-597Who is threatened with a whipping, possible execution, and forced to marry the prostitute he had a child with?

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