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1:2, 3Who tells Macbeth he will be given the title Thane of Cawdor? The title was bestowed on him, shortly after, by King Duncan, for slaying the rebel Macdonwald, and vanquishing the Norwegians.
1:3:50What office is he also promised by the witches?
1:3:67Who is prophesied to beget future kings, though he himself will never be king? He also suggests caution in heeding the witches prophecies.
1:4:33-53Who is made Prince of Cumberland, the heir apparent, causing Macbeth to contemplate on the new barrier between him and the throne?
1:5When Macbeth returns to Inverness, announcing the king is coming, who convinces him to kill the king?
1:7:1-28As Macbeth ruminates that he is Duncan's kin, subject, and host, he decides that he ought not kill Duncan. This is because he can only think of one reason to kill him. What is this reason? (Answer with one word)
1:7:31-82Who talks him back into murdering Duncan, and even details the plan?
2:1:33-64After bidding good night to Banquo, on his way to murder Duncan, what blood-stained object does Macbeth see or hallucinate is floating in the air?
2:2:29-36After killing the King, Macbeth hears Donalbain and Malcolm saying their prayers. MacBeth was troubled because he could not utter what word?
2:2:47-59What did Macbeth forget to leave by the chamberlains, making it necessary for Lady Macbeth to place them?
2:3:20-67Who, after ominously knocking, is revealed to be at the gate, and shortly thereafter discovers Duncan dead?
2:3:103, 104When suspicion falls on the chamberlains, what does Macbeth claim to have done to them out of anger for what they had done?
Who flees to England and Ireland out of fear, and later are suspected of regicide?
2:4:36Who refuses to go to Scone for the investiture of Macbeth, instead going to FIfe?
3:1:73-143How many murderers does Macbeth conspire with to murder Banquo, the only man he fears, along with his son, Fleance.
3:3:5-8How many murderers show up at the appointed time?
3:3:18-22One of the two intended victims escapes...which one?
3:4:1-120When Macbeth has conversations with the ghost of Banquo during the banquet, Lady Macbeth at first tries to get everyone to ignore his actions. Eventually what does she ask the guests to do?
3:4:125-144Whose absence from the banquet is noted by the king and queen?
3:6:24-40To what king is Macduff appealng to aid in ridding Scotland of the tyrant Macbeth?
4:1:71-86Though the apparitions brought forth by the three witches warn Macbeth of Macduff, he is somewhat heartened because they also tell him that he will not be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood comes to Dunsinane Hill, and that no harm shall befall him, Macbeth, from anyone who was what?
4:3:204-241What did Macbeth have done to Macduff's family that cemented Macduff's determination to aid Malcolm's effort to gain the throne?
5:1:17-41What is Lady Macbeth observed by the doctor to be doing, just before she utters her famous 'Out, damned spot!' line?
5:3:1-62Macbeth waits for the attack, protesting he is not afraid because he trusts in the witches prophecies. As he is consulting with the doctor about his wife, what does he insist be put on him, long before it is needed?
5:4:2-7Malcolm orders his soldiers to cut down boughs from what forest, to be used so that Macbeth would be unable to determine the size of the army?
5:5:1-50As Macbeth learns of the 'moving wood' whose death is announced by her scream?
5:8:10-16In his fight with Macduff, Macbeth finds he is vulnerable because Macduff was born in what manner?
5:8:59-75After Macduff kills Macbeth and Malcolm is proclaimed King of Scotland, in an attempt to Anglicize Scotland, what title does the new king give to his thanes?

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