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1:1Of what country is the character, patterned after Henry IV, known as King, king
1:1:16The king proposes a pact with Berowne, Dumaine and Longaville to give themselves over to study for how many years?
1:1:126During the period they will sleep 3 hours a day, fast one day a week, eating one small meal on other days, and will not see women, or have them come within a mile of court; if the oath is broken, what will the woman lose?
1:1:132-135What will the man seen with a woman suffer?
1:1:136-164Who signs reluctantly, pointing out that the oath must be broken to meat with a princess, the daughter of the King of France?
1:1:300, 301Though the king had proclaimed that anyone caught consorting with a woman to be punished with imprisonment for a year, what is Costard, who had been caught with Jaquenetta, sentenced to eat for one week?
1:2:66, 70Armado, who has also agreed to study with the king, is given custody of Costard and confesses to Mote his page, that against his oath, he is in love; when he asks his boy for examples of great men in love Mote names a biblical figure and a figure from mythology, both of whom had unfortunate experiences with love -- name one
1:2:141With whom is Armado in love?
2:1:83-90In order to keep his oath, where does the king intend to lodge the princess and her entourage?
2:1:90-277As the princess' ladies engage in witty repertoire with Berowne, Dumaine and Longaville, and win their hearts, what nation are the princess and king discussing?
3:1:135-141Armado tells Costard that he will be set free, but on condition that he deliver a love letter to whom?
3:1:159-215To whom does Berowne ask Costard to deliver a love letter?
4:1:58-122; 2:108-191To whom does Costard deliver the letter meant for Jaquenetta (making a similar mistake with the other letter)?
4:2:108-171When Jaquenetta receives the letter that was mistakenly delivered to her, to whom does Holofernes suggest she take it?
4:3:1-19Berowne enters lamenting the fact that he is in love; he hears someone approach, what does he do?
4:3:20-134The king comes in, talking of his love, hears someone and does the same, the pattern is repeated by Longaville, and finally Dumaine, comes in and thinking he is alone, talks of his love, who appears berating Dumaine for breaking his oath?
4:3:135-157Who next appears, berating Dumaine and Longaville, for breaking their oaths?
4:3:158-195Who next appears, berating Dumaine, Longeville, and the King for breaking their oaths?
4:3:196-220What is delivered to the king, that reveals to all that Berowne is also in love?
4:3:310-380In an extended piece of sophistry, Berowne shows that their oath to learn cannot be fulfilled if they don't follow their desires, for no poet put a pen to write until he experienced what? (This helps them decide to woo the women)
5:1:95-124When Armado informs Holofernes that the king requests entertainment, what play does Holofernes decide they will perform?
5:2:1-83The king and the three members of the 'academy' each send to his respective beloved a love letter and a favor or gift, what does the king send to the princess?
5:2:84-142Boyet tells the Princess and her ladies that the king and his party are approaching disguised as what, causing the women to decide to disguise themselves, and switch their gifts?
5:2:143-530The princess says the sole reason she wants to trick the men is in order to do what to them, an intention carried out both when the men were in disguise, and when they returned as themselves?
5:2:531-789During the play, who announces that Armado has gotten Jaquenetta pregnant, causing Armado to challenge him to a duel, a duel that never takes place?
5:2:790-964After the princess is informed of her father's death, the king proposes; she tells him he must spend a year where, and then she will be his (the other women make similar requests)?

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