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Can you name the states with the highest property taxes (according to

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Average Property TaxStateInfo
1. $3971Recent legislation limits tax hike to 2% annually;
but this state still has the most outbound moves of any state;
Tavistock has an average tax bill of $25,346
2. $3939Governor has proposed legislation to prohibit increases unless voter approved;
median income has dropped 12% from 2000-2013
3. $3649Often considered a tax haven, because it has no sales or income tax
4. $3398Governor has pledged to lower taxes every year he is in office;
median income has dropped 15% since 2000
5. $3327Local property tax levies have almost tripled from 1992 to 2010, while the population grew by only 40%
6. $3301One proposal looking at creating a revenue-sharing system
between municipalities as well as a state-wide motor vehicle tax
7. $3228Lawmakers are debating a measure that would lower homeowners'
collective tax bills by a collective $200 million annually
8. $3168Not only are taxes high but median annual household income of less
than $47,500, is below the U.S. median income of $51,915 per year
9. $2934Taxpayers saw their base residential education property tax rate rise 10 percent during
the past two years, even though school enrollment in the state has been declining
$2089Property taxes are used by local governments to pay for schools, police
and fire departments, local infrastructure, and other local amenities

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