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Any greedy and stingy person, from the name of a character in Charles Dickens'
A Christmas Carol.
One lifted from obscurity to fame & fortune, from the fairy tale heroine who escapes from her miserable life with a cruel stepmother.
Heartless moneylender, from the name of the moneylender in William Shakespeare's
The Merchant of Venice.
Leader whom others voluntarily follow, especially one who leads others into jeopardy using false promises, from the name of the main character in a Robert Browning poem.
Someone or something plain that in time becomes beautiful, important, or praiseworthy, from a Hans Christian Anderson story about such a creature that turns into a swan.
Handsome man who fulfills a woman's romantic desires, from the name of the hero of Charles Perrault's fairy tale Cinderella.
Gibberish, meaningless speech, from
Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem in
Through the Looking Glass.
Very small person, from the
name of the 6-inch-tall people in
Jonathan Swift's Gulliver's Travels.
Man who seduces women or has many love affairs, from the name of a legendary Spanish nobleman who chased after women.
Actor or actress or relating to acting,
from the name of the Greek poet
considered the originator of tragedy.
Personification of obsessive devotion to duty, from the name of a police detective in
Victor Hugo's Les Misérables.
Any man who is small of stature, from the name of a tiny hero of an English folk tale.
Shabbily dressed person, especially a dirty, ragged child, possibly from
William Langland's Piers Plowman.
One who takes from the rich to give to the poor, from the name of a legendary
12th - 13th century outlaw.
Someone considered to be very pure and noble, from the name of an Arthurian knight.
Arrogant official, from the name of the pompous, overbearing beadle in
Charles Dickens' Oliver Twist.
Two people or two things so alike as to be indistinguishable, from the name of the two fat little men in Lewis Carroll's
Through the Looking Glass.
Woman with a dramatic personage,
from the name of the great French
actress known as the 'Divine Sarah.'
Fat, cheerful, and debauched, from the name of a William Shakespeare character in Henry IV, and the Merry Wives of Windsor.
A ridiculous misuse of a word, confusing it with another, from a character in
Richard Brinsley Sheridan's The Rivals
who so confused words.
Overly optimistic person; one who thinks that 'all is for the best of all possible worlds,' from the name of a character in
Voltaire's Candide.
Personification of conventional social censorship & narrow-mindedness, from the name of the neighbor never seen but referred to in the question:
'What will Mrs. _____ say?'
Man's soft felt hat, from the name of the title character in a Victorian Sardou play.

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