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What do the oriental names for go mean?
How many rows (and columns) are on a tournament sized go board?
How many rows (and columns) are on the smallest board, commonly used?
How many rows (and columns) are on the third of the three most commonly sized boards?
What are the playing pieces called?
What are the intersections called?
What are the extra pieces an inferior player can place on the board prior to a game called?
What is the maximum number of such pieces for a tournament-style game?
Which color goes first?
What color goes second?
How many points is the komi (the additional points the player who
goes second gets to make up for the disadvantage of going second)?
The purpose of Go is to capture a larger part of what?
(one word)
Are the pieces placed in spaces or on the intersections of the lines that create the spaces?
(Type 'space' or 'intersection')
What is an open intersection next to a piece called?
What is an open intersection surrounded by pieces called?
A group of pieces with two open intersections surrounded by pieces cannot be captured and is called unconditionally _____.
What happens to a piece (or adjacent pieces) if it is totally surrounded by the opponent's pieces?
(one word)
What is the name of the rule that states:
If a single stone captures a single stone, then no single stone may recapture it immediately.
What move, if done by both players consecutively, ends the game?

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