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Noble lion who frees Narnia from the
spell of the White Witch in C.S. Lewis'
The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
Imaginary narrator of a collection of
Charles Perrault's tales.
Personification of death as a man or
shrouded skeleton holding a scythe.
Title commonly used for a male witch.
Character who is capable of appearing and
vanishing gradually, leaving only a grin in
Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.
Fairy tale character whose long hair enables
a prince to climb into a castle tower and
free her from imprisonment.
Legendary Swiss hero who, under the
threat of death, is forced to shoot an apple
off his son's head with a bow and arrow.
Bilbo's cousin and adopted son who becomes the unwilling heir of the One Ring from Bilbo in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy.
Hans Christian Andersen bird who is shunned by all the other animals but grows up to be a beautiful swan.
Legendary Dutch sailor or his ghost ship, seen at sea in stormy weather near the Cape of Good Hope,
who must sail until the end of time for his impiety.
Member of Robin Hood's Merry Men with an ironic name, since he was really large and mighty.
Fairy who induces sleep by
dusting sand in children's eyes.
Character who is constantly going into Mr. McGregor's garden in a Beatrix Potter book.
Mythical large reptilian-like creature
that often breathes fire and hoards gold.
Characters who build houses of different materials only to have a wolf blow down the two weaker ones.
(Remember the number of them.)
Large, hideous, humanoid, baby-eating monsters often depicted with a large head and beard.
Supernatural being of Muslim folklore who takes human or animal form to influence human relationships;
today lives in a lamp or bottle and grants wishes of whoever releases him.
Wicked siren of German legend who sat on
her cliff above the Rhine River and
lured sailors to shipwreck on the reefs.
Gloomy donkey living in the Hundred-Acre-Wood in a series of books by A.A. Milne featuring Winnie-the-Pooh.
Young girl who is discovered sleeping in
Baby Bear's bed after eating the bears' porridge.
Legendary character who plays a flute to lure rats away from a town, then charms the children away in the same way after the townspeople fail to pay him in a Robert Browning poem.
Elephant in a series of books by
Jean de Brunhoff and his son Laurent.
Faceless gray-cloaked Azkaban prison guard who emanates cold, and can suck the life from his victims with a kiss in a Harry Potter novel by J.K.Rowling.
Fairy child whom the fairies
exchange for a human baby.
Dr. John Dolittle's owl in a
series of books by Hugh Lofting.

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