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Which daughter of King Lear was disowned when she refused to flatter him?1:1:79-118
Who counsels Lear to revoke his 'evil' decision, and is banished by the king.1:1:119-189
The king of what country marries Lear's banished daughter, though Lear warns she will not have a dowry?1:1:252-263
What does the illegitimate and disloyal Edmund pretend to not want to show his father, which falsely convinces Gloucester that his loyal son Edgar is plotting against him?1:2:25-75
Who does the banished Duke, disguised as a peasant, trip up, ingratiating himself back into Lear's service?1:4:80, 81
Who lambasts Lear, through jokes, poems, and songs, for having given away his kingdom to ungrateful daughters and banishing the one daughter who truly loved him?1:4:88-202
When Regan and Goneril face the king together, and he pitifully bargains for his retinue, how many attendants do both sisters finally agree he will be allowed to have?2:4:290-292
Kent sends a gentleman to Cordelia. What object does he give the gentleman to establish his identity?3:1:23-29
Turned out in the storm, Lear, for for the first time shows compassionate interest in another, when he asks the fool, 'How dost, my boy?' He also asks him if he is what?3:2:68
What does Gloucester lose for questioning the propiety of turning of the king out in the storm?3:3:1-5
Attempting to gain all his father would loose, Edmund plans to betray his father by showing Cornwall the letter indicating his support of Lear and the invasion by which country?3:3:19-23
What name does the banished son of Gloucester take, when he disguises himself as a beggar released from Bedlam and is found by Lear, Kent, and the fool in the cave?3:4:38-47
Who finds the group in the cave, attempts to convince Lear to come back to his home and laments that poor banished Kent had been correct, and that he had mistreated his son?3:4:140-163
To where does Gloucester commend Kent to take the king, after hearing a plot on the king's life.3:6:47-56
In one of the bloodiest scenes in all of Shakespeare, what are plucked out of Gloucester by Cornwall?3:7:70
When Goneril hears that Cornwall had died, she is sad because she fears her sister may have romantic designs on Edmund, but she is happy because it will make her sister what?4:2:52-55
Who is leading the French Army?4:3
Who refuses to show the letter in which Goneril professes her love for Edmund (and asks Edmund to kill Albany) to Regan, prompting Regan to give him a similar letter?4:4:6-40
What act does Gloucester attempt to commit. He is thwarted by Edgar, who convinces him that he was miraculously saved?4:5:25-80
Upon being brought to Cordelia, Lear assumes she, like her sisters, hates him, because unlike her sisters, she had this:4:6:69-73
Who shows Albany the letter from Goneril?5:1:27-40
Edmund gives the Captain a note, promising a promotion if the instructions are carried out. What does the note instruct the captain to do with Lear and Cordelia?5:3
During the argument over whether Edmund is their equal and whether he will marry Regan, Regan begins to feel ill. What is the cause of the illness?5:3:54-73
With what crime does Albany charge Edmund?5:3:76-77
Who kills Edmund?5:3:115-141, 269
Mortally wounded, who upon hearing Edgar's story, repents his evil?5:3:191-194, 217-220
How did Goneril die?5:3:200-205
How did Cordelia die?5:3:231-255
Who died of grief from Cordelia's death?5:3:286
To whom does Albany offer a crown, to rule jointly with him? (2 Names)5:3:292-295
TRUE/FALSE: In 1681 Nahum Tate rewrote King Lear, giving it a happy ending. This play eclipsed Shakespeare's original and the original ending was not restored until 1823.

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