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Can you answer the questions about the plot of The Life and Death of King John?

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1:1:1-30What does Chatillon, the ambassador of the King of France, threaten King John with if John refuses to abdicate in favor of his older brother, Arthur Plantagenet? King John makes the same threat in return.
1:1:31-38Whom does Queen Eleanor, King John's mother, suspect is behind the threat?
1:1:50-187What honor is Philip Faulconbridge given after he renounces his inheritance, just before he is given the name of his biological father Richard?
2:1:1-36The duke of Austria is supporting France. Who is he said to have killed?
2:1Of what is the coat of the duke made?
2:1The French force, supporting Arthur, is led by what king of France?
2:1-305The English and French parley in front of the city of Angiers. Each demands the right of the citizens to enter. The citizens refuse until the rightful King proves himself. What does this lead to?
2:1:389-430After the armies battle with no conclusive victor, Sir Richard suggests a temporary alliance among the opposing forces, and the kings consent. Who will they battle?
2:1:440-626The town proposes that John's neice, Lady Blanche be married. King John agrees to give many continental possessions as her dowry, and to reward Arthur with titles and possessions. Who will the lady wed?
3:1:1-185While Constance is cursing Philip for his betrayal, Cardinal Pandulph enters. He excommunicates King John for refusing to accept Stephen Langton as Archbishop of Canterbury. In addition to citing the divine right of kings and the corruption of Rome, John says he opposes Stephen because he is from what country?
3:1:198-362What does the cardinal demand Philip stop holding, threatening him with excommunication as well.
3:2:1-11The English defeat the French and capture Arthur. Who has Sir Richard killed, carrying his head with him?
3:3:6-16King John asks Sir Richard to plunder what institutions?
3:3:61-76; 4:1What does King John ask Hubert to do to Arthur, though Hubert decides to let him escape?
3:4:142-146Predicting difficulties for John and the death of Arthur, what does he think the Dauphin will be able to become?
4:2:1-47What ceremony does John plan, and in so planning, displeases the nobles?
4:2:48-107, 196-281The nobles are further angered when they hear rumors of whose supposed execution? John chastises Hubert for the execution, who then admits that it was not carried out, bringing relief to King John.
4:2:108-195People are upset at the plundering of the monasteries, John's mother died, and what country invades England?
4:3:1-167Arthur dies when he attempts to jump from a castle. Who comes to tell the nobles that Arthur is alive, just as they discover his body, sealing their decision to change allegiance to France?
5:1:1-25To whom does John show submission when he gives up his crown to receives it again, along with a promise to stop the French advance?
5:1:31-81Who gives John the bad news about the French advance, Arthur's death, the nobles treason, and is commissioned to lead the army against the Dauphin?
5:2, 3The Dauphin refuses the cardinal's instructions to retreat, the battle begins, England does poorly, until a French supply ship sinks. Richard is advised to leave the battlefield because of a fever. To where does he go?
5:4, 5Just as the Dauphin believes he is about to prove victorious, he finds out that Count Melun has died and told the English nobles that they were to be executed if France won, causing them to switch sides again. What further bad news does he find out about his supply ship?
5:6Who poisoned King John?
5:7As the king dies, and word of the French retreat brokered by the cardinal arrives, Sir Richard pledges loyalty to Prince Henry. What does he then say England will never be, if she remains united?

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