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1:1:31-54Tribunes ordered decorations honoring Caeser removed, and chastised workmen for celebrating a holiday for Caesar's victory over whom? (Historically, this individual's death occurred four years prior to the events of this play.)
1:2:1-10Caesar instructs Antony, a runner in the festivities of Lupercalia, to lash his wife with a strip of goatskin, because she has had as yet to have what?
1:2:15-26Caesar ignores a soothsayer's advice to beware of what?
1:2:81-91When they hear cheering, what do Brutus and Cassius fear the crowd wish to make Caear?
1:2:102-119Cassius, in recounting Caesar's weaknesses, talks of his fits of epilepsy, and recounts that he, himself, had to save the 'god's' life when he was almost drowned in which river?
1:2:199-215Which future conspirator does Caesar wish was fatter, saying he ought to be feared, though as Caesar he has no fear?
1:2:216-252Who offered Caesar a crown three times, only to be apparently reluctantly refused, by Caesar?
1:2:310-325What does Cassius have thrown into Brutus' window to convince him the populace fears Caesar being made a dictator?
1:3:1-80Ignoring Cicero's claim that omens of unnatural occurrences were a matter of concern, as well as Casca's warnings, who revels in the disturbances, believing them to portend an end to Caesar, not recognizing the broader ramifications?
1:3:85, 85Who or what does Casca tell Cassius may make Caesar king?
2:1:113-190Cassius suggests the conspirators take an oath, suggests they bring in Cicero, and that they assassinate Marc Antony. Who sways the group against all of these decisions, and makes the case that they only want to kill the spirit of Caesar, regretting that the killing of the man is necessary to achieve that end?
2:1:233-309To whom is Brutus reluctant to divulge his plans, symbolizing how carefully he keeps his public and private selves separate, refusing to allow his private moral convictions to overrule his conviction of what is for the public good?
2:2:1-56Who dreamt of Caesar's murder, and begs Caesar to stay home, pointing to all sorts of omens that portended evil, eventually convincing him to stay home, signifying that Caesar does have an ability to pay attention to his private matters, though, since he is talked into going to the Senate, not to a substantial degree?
2:2:57-107After reinterpreting the dream, what does Decius tell Caesar the Senate plans to give Caesar, convincing him to go?
3:1:1-12On the way to the Senate, ignoring the soothsayer's warning, what does Caesar refuse to read from Artemidorus, though warned it was of great personal import, demonstrating a belief that his private self cannot be harmed?
3:1:32-77As Metellus pleads for Caesar to allow his banished brother to return, who is the first conspirator to stab Caesar?
3:1:77What are Caesar's last words before he dies?
3:1:228-255Who cautions Brutus against allowing Marc Antony to speak at the funeral, but is rebuffed?
3:1:277-295Who does Antony warn to not come to Rome, yet, because it would not be safe for him?
3:2:1-257Though the crowd is ready to crown Brutus after he defends the assassination, they are ready to kill him after Antony speaks, and reads to them what document?
3:2:258-267Who arrives at Caesar's house as Cassius and Brutus flee the city?
3:3:1-35Who does the mob murder, because he shared a name with one of the conspirators?
4:1After deciding who will be executed, who does Antony complain to Octavius about not being worthy?
4:2; 3:1-150After Cassius and Brutus have a heated argument about bribery and funds for the campaign, and the subsequent reconciliation, of whose suicide does Brutus tell Cassius?
4:3:278-288On the night before he moves his army to meet Octavius and Antony, who does Cassius see?
5:1:1-25After Octavius overrides Antony's battleplans, what does Antony start calling him?
5:3:41-50When Cassius erroneously believes Titinius has been captured, who does he have his servant Pndarus kill?
5:3:51-53Brutus' army fought Octavius' army. Whose army prevailed?
5:3:51-53Cassius' army fought Antony's army. Whose army prevailed?
5:5:49-51What does Brutus have Strato hold, as he (Brutus) dies?
5:5:67-80After winning the battle, who is the lone conspirator that Antony praises?

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