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Can you state the Italian terms from the Fine Arts?

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Italian, literally 'in chapel style,' for singing without musical accompaniment
Italian for moderately fast
Italian for lively and fast
Italian for 'at a moderate speed'
Italian for a very deep bass voice
Italian for a musical composition for voice, often with instrumental accompaniment, used as a setting for a story to be sung but not acted
Italian city famous for the white marble quarried by Michelangelo
Italian for 'tail' for a passage added to the end of a piece of music
Italian, literally meaning 'concert,' for a small group of solo instruments set against a full orchestra
Italian town where the Amati family began making violins, establishing it as an important center of violin making in the late 1500s and early 1600s
Italian for decreasing in volume (or gradual decrease in sound)
Italian for loud(ly)
Family in the Italian town of Cremona who along with the Amati family became famous as violin makers, including Andrea, his son Pietro, and his nephew Giuseppe, called 'del Gesù'
Italian for very slow and stately
Italian for slowly
Italian for 'master' for an eminent teacher or conductor of music
Term for 'serious opera' for Italian operas of the 17th and 18th centuries treating a mythological or heroic subject
Italian for soft(ly), or a keyboard instrument that derives its name from a shortened form of the Italian compound literally meaning 'soft and loud'
Italian for very fast tempo
Italian term for the 15th century used to denote the Renaissance and especially the Italian Renaissance style of art
Italian term for a style of painting in which different tones fade into one another, a Leonardo da Vinci technique that blended colors so that harsh outlines were blurred
Italian city in which a major festival of the arts is held annually
Italian term for a painting process using egg-based pigments to produce a dull finish
Italian term for an artist specializing in realistic scenes, especially cityscapes
Italian for an exceptionally skilled musician

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