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Italian for a grace note played quickly with the essential note of a melody, but immediately released in keyboard music of the Baroque period
Italian for a slow and leisurely manner
Italian for a long solo vocal piece with instrumental accompaniment in an opera or oratorio
Italian for to return to the previous time
Italian meaning 'small boat' for a boating song of the Venetian gondoliers or an instrumental composition with a slow tempo reminiscent of their songs
Italian for an elaborate, improvised solo performance shortly before the final cadence in a concerto
Italian for a lively, impulsive composition
Italian term for 'clear and dark' designating the balanced use of light and shadow in a picture
Italian for spiritedly or with spirit, vivacity, or vigor
Italian for mournfully or sadly
Italian, literally meaning 'from the head,' for repeating from the beginning
Italian for an artificial manner of singing above the natural register, especially by tenors
Italian for a sliding effect moving from one note to another
Italian meaning 'in the middle' used for a short orchestral interlude performed during an opera or for any short piano piece
Italian for a smooth, uninterrupted style
Italian for 'my lady' identifying a work of art depicting the Virgin Mary
Term for 'comic opera' for a type of Italian opera that developed from the 18th century intermezzo performed between acts of serious operas
Italian for very softly
Italian for playing by plucking rather than bowing an instrument
Italian for 'first lady' for the leading female singer in an opera
Italian for lively, playful movement in a concerto
Italian for to perform softly, as in an undertone
Any of the more than 635 existing violins made by an 18th-century Italian instrument maker in the town of Cremona
Italian for keyboard music displaying the virtuosity of the performer
Italian meaning 'small viola,' for the highest pitched string instrument

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