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Roots in 16th cent England. Most watched and played sport on Indian subcontinent, second most played in the world. Popular in S. Africa, Australia, former British Colonies.Teams of 11 players on a circular field. 22-yard long pitch with wickets at each end. Two batsmen attempt to score runs by hitting the ball out of the playing field or by hitting and then running to the other side of the pitch. Defense gets an out by catching batted ball or knocking down wicket.
Most attended championship game at 110,000. Popular in Australia, it combines elements of rugby, soccer, American football, volleyball, and basketball.Teams of 18 play on a 200 x 150 yd field. Ball cannot be passed. It is advanced by kicking, dribbling, or hitting with open hand. Main method of scoring is by kicking ball through goal posts, or propelling the ball through a set of wider, shorter posts for fewer points.
U.S. has a national team but little success in international competition. Popular in U.K., Ireland, South Africa, Oceania. Called 'padless football.'Ball cannot be passed forward, must be kicked forward. Backward lateral-style passes target the weakest point in the opposing team's defense. Score by kicking the ball through field-goal-post-like uprights. More points with a 'try,' when a player touches the ball behind the goal line.
Evolved in England from basketball. Played mostly by women, and though both sexes play recreationally, the international federation recognizes only female competition.Teams of 7 players, each assigned a specific position, with rules limiting their movement. Goal is a 10 foot high circular hoop, but with no backboard. After a goal, play restarts from center court.
Cross between basketball and soccer, with roots in France, Germany and Scandinavia, this has been an Olympic sport since 1972.Teams of 6 field players plus one goalie, play on a 130 x 66 foot court. Points are scored by throwing the ball into the net from outside the goalie area. Players can advance the ball by dribbling or passing.
Some contend this Gaelic sport is one of the oldest team sports on Earth, with evidence of a similar game played 3000 years ago. Similar to lacrosse or field hockey.Players use a stick with a flat, circle-shaped head to hit a hard ball into a guarded net for 3 points or into uprights above the net for 1 point. Ball's speed causes some to call this the fastest sport on Earth. No professional league, but championship game has been held annually since 1887.
This nonball team sport is played mainly in Bangladesh and India, but also at an international level throughout Asia and the U.K.Teams of 7 on a 30 x 40 ft field win points by crossing into opponent's territory and tagging, tackling or 'containing' as many opposing players as they can. With roots in Indian wrestling, this is much rougher than tag.
Hailing from the Malay Peninsula, this sport has gained a following all over the world. It is part of the Commonwealth Games and SEA Games.Has been described as 'foot-volleyball.' Players primarily use their feet to move a small ball made of woven rattan over a net roughly 5 feet tall, leading to acrobatic moves, especially among its top players.

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