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Can you name the math terms that begin with I, J, K, or L?

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1st letter/# wordsTermHint
I (1)The basic unit of the imaginary number system.
I (1)A polyhedron with 20 faces.
I (1)An equation which is true regardless of what values are substituted for any variables.
I (1)A square matrix which has a 1 for each element on the main diagonal and 0 for all other elements.
I (2)A function in which the dependent variable is not isolated on one side of the equation.
I (2)An event which has zero probability of occurring.
I (2)A fraction which has a larger numerator than denominator.
I (1)The point of intersection of the polygon's angle bisectors.
I (1)The largest possible circle that can be drawn interior to a plane figure.
I (4)A system of equations which has no solutions.
I (2)A function with a graph that goes up as it is followed from left to right.
I (2)Events for which the probability of any one event occurring is unaffected by the occurrence or non-occurrence of any of the other events.
I (2)A variable which can be assigned any permissible value without any restriction imposed by any other variable.
I (2)The ray where measurement of an angle starts.
I (2)An angle in a circle with vertex on the circle itself.
I (2)The rate at which an object's instantaneous velocity is changing at a particular moment.
I (1)The set of natural numbers, their opposites, and zero.
I (1)Amount of money added to the principal, usually continuously compounding, though it may be added and calculated at stated periods of time.
1st letter/# wordsTermHint
I (1)The points enclosed by a geometric figure.
I (2)The range of the middle 50% of the data.
I (1)The elements two or more sets have in common.
I (1)The set of all real numbers between two given numbers.
I (1)A quantity which cancels out the a given quantity.
I (2)Relationship between 2 variables in which the product is a constant; as one variable increases the other decreases in proportion so that product is unchanged.
I (2)Real numbers which cannot be expressed as a ration of two integers.
I (2)A trapezoid with congruent base angles.
I (2)A triangle with at least two congruent sides.
J (2)z = kxy (where k is a constant).
K (1)A quadrilateral with two pairs of adjacent sides that are congruent.
L (3)The smallest whole number that can be used as a denominator for two or more fractions.
L (3)The smallest positive integer into which two or more integers divide evenly.
L (2)Terms which have the same variables and corresponding powers and/or roots; can be combined using addition or subtraction.
L (1)Has length (infinitely long), but no width.
L (4)A pair of adjacent angles formed by intersecting lines.
L (2)The highest point in a particular section of a graph.

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