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TitleWhat is the original title of Henry VIII?
1:1:1-230The Duke of Norfolk rails against the avariciousness of Cardinal Wolsey, labeling him treasonous; who weakly defends the cardinal at first, but then warns that though he may be right, Wolsey is vindictive and powerful enough to exact revenge?
1:1:231-268When Norfolk and Abergavenny are arrested, what does Norfolk suggest that the Cardinal gave to the primary witness of his alleged offence?
1:2:1-81Queen Katherine warns Henry that his subjects are almost ready to revolt because Wolsey has done what to them without the king's permission?
1:2:82-124King Henry puts an end to Wolsey's practice, and pardons those who had protested; Wolsey protests; in the end, who does he instruct his secretary to tell the people was responsible for the reversal of the previous policy?
1:2:125-195What does Norfolk's former surveyor claim Norfolk was saying he would become?
1:2:196-247Who points out that the surveyor was fired due to the tenants complaining, and was likely seeking revenge by telling a false story; the advice is ignored and Henry labels Norfolk a traitor.
1:4:1-121At Wolsey's party, who arrives disguised as a shepherd, is welcomed, then recognized by Wolsey?
1:4:122-144With whom is King Henry smitten by at Wolsey's party?
2:1:1-70As three gentlemen talk about the conviction and impending execution of Buckingham, who do they blame for it?
2:1:71-161As Buckingham gives a moving speech announcing his forgiveness, he compares himself to his father who served which king loyally, though was executed?
2:1:161-197Who do the gentlemen suggest will be the next to fall due to the machinations of the cardinal?
2:2:1-21When Chamberlain opines that the king's marriage to his brother's wife was 'crept to near his conscience,' what does Suffolk retort his conscience has crept too near to?
2:2:22-75The nobles suggest that the Cardinal is pursuing the divorce in order for Henry to marry and gain what country as an ally?
2:2:76-169What event does Wolsey and Cardinal Campeius discuss with Henry?
2:3:1-129As Anne expresses pity for Katherine, what does she claim she would never want to be?
2:4:1-148Katherine refuses to be subject to Wolsey and the ecclesiastical court in part because she is not allowed to seek advice from which country?
2:4:149-266After Wolsey asks the king to relieve him of Katherine's charge that he had orchestrated the divorce, Henry says that the idea came to him when a French ambassador inquired about the legitimacy of whom?
3:1:1-203Who does Wolsey tell Katherine she should trust will protect her after the divorce; Katherine will have none of it?
3:2:1-279The king receives two letters that ruin Wolsey and shows them to him; one is an itemized list of the Cardinal's wealth; the other is a letter to whom, insisting a divorce not be given until the king is over his infatuation with Anne?
3:2:280-419When confronted by the nobles, Wolsey at times seems repentant and at times evidences his former arrogance; what item is demanded of him that he refuses to turn over to anyone but the king?
3:2:420-540As Cromwell commiserates with Wolsey and Wolsey assures him that if he gives loyal service he will be favored, who does he learn has been chosen to replace him as Lord Chancellor?
4:2:1-195As her attendant gently chastises the Katherine, whom does Katherine forgive shortly before her death?
5:1:1-66Wolsey's former secretary Gardiner expesses a wish that the Queen would die while giving birth, he talks about a plot against Cromwell and Cranmer; when Lovell warns him to be cautious, what religious crime does Gardiner charge Cranmer with?
5:1:95-193When Henry warns Cranmer of the trap being laid for him, what does he give the Archbishop to use to make an appeal?
5:1:194-216When Henry is informed that the Queen has delivered, what sex does the old woman say the boy is...having been instructed by Henry to so say?
5:2:1-57As Cranmer arrives at the Council, what does the Council make him do; Henry is miffed?
5:2:58-146When Gardiner is berating Cranmer, who pleads with him that he is being to harsh, and is, in turn, accused by Gardiner?
5:2:147-255To where is the Council going to send Cranmer, causing Henry to appear, chastise them, and order them to embrace?
5:3:1-4:86Whose baptism is eagerly awaited; upon her presentation Cranmer predicts great things for her?

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