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1:1:1-262Henry and his lords find York on the throne; a debate ensues on who is the rightful king; York agrees to allow Henry to continue as king, and Henry promises to name York what, infuriating Clifford, the queen, and Prince Edward?
1:1:263-2:76Who prepares to lead an army against York, just as York had been convinced by his sons Edward and Richard, that the oath he took with Henry was not binding?
1:3:1-4:88York, after his army was defeated at the Battle of Wakefield was captured; the queen hands York a handkerchief stained with the blood of Rutland, his youngest son, a child, as she informs him that he had been killed by Clifford; what does she tell him he can wipe with the handkerchief?
1:4:89-110Before Clifford and the queen kill York and have him beheaded, in order to humilate him further, the queen places a crown made of what on his head?
2:1:1-211News of York's death reaches his sons, as does the defeat of their forces at the Battle of York; Warwick declares Edward to be what, as they prepare for yet another battle?
2:2:1-66Though Henry is not thrilled that Margaret and Clifford are preparing battle against the Yorkists, thus breaking his oath, who does he knight?
2:2:67-81Who does Clifford suggest should not engage in battle, since they do better without him?
2:2:82-181What does Edward demand from Henry, and calls for the war to begin because though Henry tries to speak the Queen and Clifford do not allow him to?
2:3:1-4:13After an initial setback for the Yorkists at the Battle of Towton, who is forced to run away when Richard and Warwick confront him?
2:5:1-139Who, observing the battle, wishes he was a simple shepherd, until he is forced to flee in the face of the advancing army?
2:6:1-103After finding the body of Clifford, and announcing plans to behead it, and display the head in the place of his father's head, Warwick suggests that Edward be crowned, and offers to go to France to negotiate for Lady Bona to be what; Edward agrees saying he will never make an important decision without consulting Warwick?
2:6:104-111Edward names George Duke of Clarence; what dukedom does he bestow on Richard; Richard initially asks to be given Clarence instead, because this dukedom is too ominous?
3:1:1-100Where is King Henry VI, disguised as a peasant, captured by two gamekeepers?
3:2:1-125The widow Lady Grey petitions Edward to obtain her lands taken by the enemy back; Edward says he will only if she becomes his mistress; after she refuses, what does he offer to make her?
3:2:126-197As Richard soliloquizes that because of his deformities, he will never be loved by a woman, what does he plot to become?
3:3:1-276After obtaining King Lewis of France's support for King Edward, who, upon learning of Edward's marriage, switches allegiance to Margaret, and sails to England with French forces to oppose Edward?
4:1:1-152After both brothers of Edward and some of his lords, chastise him for his unwise choice in marriage, bringing dishonor to Warwick, and loosing King Lewis' support, which brother leaves with Somerset intending to join fight for Henry?
4:2:1-3:66Who is captured by Warwick and Somerset and sent to Warwick's brother, the Bishop of York?
4:4:1-36Who worries about the success of Warwick both for herself and for the child she is carrying?
4:5:1-31Richard and Hastings rescue Edward while he is allowed to do what?
4:6:1-65When Henry is freed from the tower, who does he appoint as Lord Protector?
4:6:66-78What young boy does King Henry see with Somerset and prophecy that he will be a great king and the hope of England?
4:7:1-39Edward, at first barred from entering York, is allowed in when he announces that he is only claiming what title?
4:7:40-88When Montgomery arrives with military support for Edward, he threatens to leave unless Edward claims what title?
4:8:1-64Edward captures Henry; to where is he sent?
5:1:1-114Prior to the Battle of Barnet, who switches sides?
5:2:1-52Who is killed at the Battle of Barnet?
5:3:1-4:82Who leads the troops in support of Henry at the Battle of Tewkesbury?
5:5:1-40After refusing to acknowledge Edward as king, who is killed by the three Yorkist brothers, Edward, Clarence, and Richard?
5:5:41-84; 7:38-47Though Margaret pleads for death, to where is she sent?
5:6:1-94Who kills Henry, and then plots on the destruction of Clarence?
5:7:1-37As Edward has his sons kiss his newly born son and heir, to whom does Richard compare himself ?

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