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1:1:1-172Suffolk has arranged the marriage of Margaret to the king; As Gloucester reads the terms what lands are ceded, so infuriating him, as well as Salisbury, Warwick, and York, that he drops the paper, though the king appears oblivious?
1:1:173-222Buckingham, Somerset, and Suffolk support Cardinal Winchester (Beaufort) in his machinations agains Gloucester (Humphrey); each of them hope to be appointed to what office, replacing Gloucester?
1:1:223-271Who is especially irked at the loss of the French lands, viewing them as his own, and reveals his ambition to be crowned king, viewing himself as the rightful heir?
1:2:1-71What office does the Duchess of Gloucester, Dame Eleanor Cobham, want her husband Gloucester to obtain, though she is chided by him for such ambition?
1:2:72-110The Duchess pays the priest, Sir John Hume, to arrange for a witch to conjure up spirits; who else is paying Hume to entrap her?
1:3:1-103Petitioners seeking Gloucester, mistakenly give their petitions to Suffolk and the queen; most of the petitions are ignored; who is one of them falsely accusing his master of saying is the rightful king, giving Suffolk and the queen ammunition?
1:3:104-218The queen and the nobles quarrel, but the king is indifferent whether York or Suffolk be made Lord Protector of France; York says he would be unfit, because last time he held it who withheld from him supplies leading to French victories?
1:3:118-140During the aforementioned quarreling who is accused of great malfeasance in his office by the queen, Suffolk, Somerset, and Buckingham
1:3:181-226Where are Peter, the petitioner who falsely accused his master, and Horner his master, both sent to await the day of their trial by combat to determine who is telling the truth, an event rued by Peter who says he cannot fight?
1:4:1-86The duchess is arrested for conjuring the dead; the incriminating evidence is the note about the prophecies which said the king would be deposed by a duke, Somerset would find his end in a castle, and how was Suffolk to die?
2:1:1-219On a hunting party with the king, what do the Cardinal and Gloucester agree to do, but the Cardinal calls it off after news arrives of the arrest of Gloucester's wife?
2:2:1-87Salisbury and Warwick swear allegiance to Richard as what?
2:3:1-108After the duchess' banishment to the Isle of Man is proclaimed, and after the queen convinces Henry to ask for Gloucester's resignation, Peter and Horner engage in their combat; the false accuser and comically coward Peter wins, demonstrating his righteousness to the king, because Horner is what?
3:1:1-283News of the complete loss of France arrives as the queen, the cardinal, Suffolk, York, Buckingham, and Suffolk list the supposed crimes of Gloucester, which they later admit among themselves are but rumors and lies, he is arrested for treason; who is still convinced of Gloucester's innocence, but unable to help him, though his reaction in part causes the aforementioned lords to plan to murder Gloucester?
3:1:284-388Richard is given an army to quell a disturbance where; this leads to him employing John Cade to claim to be Mortimer in order to test the commoners willingness to accept a new king?
3:2:1-379-429When news of the murder of Gloucester reaches the court, the commoners demand punishment be meted out to Suffolk, causing the queen much consternation and raising suspicions in the king; what punishment does the king give to Suffolk?
3:3:1-33Who dies an 'evil' death, apparently haunted by the ghost of Gloucester and confirming the murderous plot?
4:1:1-156Suffolk is captured and executed by pirates, who relate his crimes, showing that commoners had a better understanding of what went on in court than did Henry; what was the first name of the pirate that executed him, a name that was pronounced in Shakespeare's day the same as 'water' and confirming the earlier prophecy?
4:2:1-8:71As Jack Cade wrecks havoc, leading an army of commoners to London, killing nobility and anyone who can read, calling for abolishing education and common property, even executing a man who complained his wife had been raped, because all women were to be held in common, and causing the king to flee, one of his followers says, 'let's kill all the ____,' a quotation that has been repeated as being endorsed by Shakespeare, but in reality was put in the mouth of a villian?
4:9:1-50After Cade flees, York appears with his army, and to buy time says he is there to demand the imprisonment of Somerset; what crime does he charge Somerset with?
4:10:1-86Cade is found by Iden in Iden's garden; Cade provokes a fight, and is slain, though Iden does not know his identity until he mortally wounds Cade; what does Cade claim is the only cause for his death?
5:1:1-220When Richard sees Somerset by the kings side, what does he claim to be, a claim supported by Warwick and Salisbury?
5:2:1-72During the ensuing battle at Saint Albans, Richard kills Clifford, and then battles and kills Somerset under what sign, confirming an earlier prophecy?
5:2:73-90The queen chastises Henry because he is too scared to do either of what two things?
5:3:1-34After winning the Battle of St. Albans, and praising his friends, where does Richard and his army rush to, in order to overtake the king and arrive there first?

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