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1:1:1-57Whose death opens the scene with an argument between Gloucester, the kings uncle and Lord Protector, and Winchester, the king's great-uncle and a cardinal-bishop (appt cardinal, but not allowed the title in England by edict of Henry IV)?
1:1:58-180Messengers arrive at the funeral to announce that France has taken over several cities, Lord Talbot has been captured, and the French have done what to Dauphin Charles causing the Lords to prepare for war?
1:2:1-153After Charles is defeated by a small English force, who is introduced to him, and by defeating him in combat, gains his trust and given leadership over the troops?
1:3:1-43As Winchester refuses Gloucester entrance to the tower, he wears the clothes of what office, defying the kings order?
1:3:44-92Winchester's and Glucester's men battle; the mayor stops them and orders that none of the men carry arms; what penalty is declared if they disobey?
1:4:1-111Shortly after Talbot has been ransomed, Salisbury is killed in an attack led by Joan, causing Talbot to make a pun on her name Pucelle (virgin), calling her Puzel, meaning what?
1:5:1-39As Joan defealts Talbot's forces, though sparing Talbot for the present, what does Talbot accuse her of being?
1:6:1-31As the French celebrate their victory at Orleance, to whom does Charles give full credit and an offer of half his kingdom?
2:1:1-85After Talbot takes back Orleance, who does Charles at first blame for their defeat?
2:2:1-3:84Who does the Countess of Auvergne attempt to trick into becoming her prisoner, and after she fails in her attempt, feasts?
2:4:1-135Plantagenet and Somerset argue; what items do they and their supporters pick, demonstrating which side they are on -- white for Plantagenet and red for Somerset?
2:5:1-129From whom, imprisoned by Henry IV and V, does Plantagenet learn of his families claim to the throne; shortly after relating his family's history he dies?
3:1:1-142Winchester and Gloucester argue in Henry's court and Henry seeks to impose peace, the mayor announces that their supporters, stripped of their weapons are throwing what at each other, causing destruction throughout London?
3:1:158-187What office does Henry bestow on Richard Plantagenet?
3:1:188-195What city does Gloucester suggest Henry be coronated; Henry agrees?
3:2:1-3:16After Joan Pucelle sneaks her troops into Roan, and takes it, only to be shortly thereafter expelled by Burgundy and Talbot, who assures Joan that one defeat will not undo faith in her leadership?
3:3:17-91Who does Joan entice to switch allegiance from England to France, commenting after her success, 'Done like a Frenchman: turn and turn again.'?
3:4:1-27When in France for his coronation, what title does Henry bestow on Talbot, in recognition of his many successes in the French campaign?
4:1:1-77After Henry's coronation, Sir John Fastolf delivers a letter announcing the defection of the aforementioned duke; Henry will ultimately banish him; what is ripped from the messengers leg by Talbot in response to extreme cowardice shown in battle?
4:1:78-195Showing that dissension has spread to the continent, two supporters of the factions request to be allowed combat; Henry seeks to maintain peace and unity, and thus rejects the plea; whose symbol does he then wear, declaring however, that he loves each equally?
4:2:1-4:46As has been predicted, the dissension between the houses is leading to defeat in France; what does Talbot not receive, leading to lose in battle and almost sure defeat for the campaign because Somerset refuses to grant the request from York?
4:5:1-50From whom is a letter received, prompting Henry to offer Charles peace if he submits to being a vassal; Henry agrees to a marriage with the daughter of the Earl of Armagnac?
4:5:51-62Winchester pays the papal legate a promised sum for arranging him to be recognized as what, assuring him that his authority will be unrivaled in England?
4:5:2:1-3:44As the English forces unite and overpower the French, who, unaided by the spirits that have up to now been helpful, is captured?
4:3:45-200Suffolk, apparently in love with a prisoner Margaret, proposes that she marry whom?
4:4:1-36Who does Joan claim she doesn't know, leading him to call for her execution?
4:4:37-59In addition to claiming descent from royalty, and averring that she was not aided by demons, what does Joan claim to be, making her a virtuous woman who ought not be put to death?
4:4:60-93When the previous claims proved ineffective, what did Joan claim she was in order not to be executed, naming different people as being responsible?
4:4:94-5:101After Charles agrees to become a vassal, though intending to break the oath when convenient, whom does Henry decide to marry?
4:5:102-108Who sees himself as ruler of England, since he will rule the queen. who in turn will rule the king?

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