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1:1:1-95The Archbishop is concerned about a proposed tax against the church (and himself.) What country does he urge Henry V to invade, volunteering a financial contribution, hoping to take his mind off of domestic matters?
1:2:1-142When Henry asks the Archbishop of Canterbury for an honest assessment of his legal claims to the throne of France, the archbishop explains that France, though historically has allowed it, are now pretending to hold to Salic law which proscribes inheritance of the crown through what type of line?
1:2:245-259In order to insult Henry, referring to his misspent youth, the Dauphin sends a casket of what, calling it a treasure and gift to the English king?
2:1:1-108While Nym and Pistol are arguing about Nell Quickly, and Bardolph is trying to stop them, a page enters. Who does the page tell them is ill?
2:1:81-119Who do the commoners blame for the illness.
2:2:1-179After Cambridge, Masham, and Scroop counsel the King not to pardon the commoner who spoke against the king, Henry reveals that he knows of their plot to kill him. What punishment is meted out to them?
2:4:29-40With King Charles VI of France, who also warns the Dauphin that he is dangerously underestimating King Henry V?
2:4:77-147In addition to his message of scorn and contempt to the Dauphin, Henry's ambassadors bring a message to the king telling him how he may procure peace. What does he have to turn over to avert disaster for his people? Charles says he will answer the next day.
Act 3 PrologueIn addition to some petty and unprofitable dukedoms, who does Charles offer in marriage to Henry?
3:1:34In one of the most famous speeches from the play, Henry urges his men on at the walls of Harfleur, ''Cry, 'God for Harry, England, and _____ ______!'''
3:2:1-23Name one of the commoners who are not anxious to go to the breach because there is too much fighting there. They are encouraged to advance by Bardolph, and eventually Fluellen beats them to get them to advance.
3:4:1-56What language, to comic effect, is Katharine, the daughter of King Charles learning from her servant?
3:6:20-103Who is condemned to death for stealing from Harfleur after they had surrendered? Pistol intercedes to no effect for him with Fluellen; King Henry, despite having been friendly with him in his youth approves of the punishment.
3:7:1-143On the eve of the battle the French childishly mock the English. Where will the battle be?
4:1:1-63While in disguise, and claiming to be a kinsman of Fluellen, Henry is cursed by whom for that relation?
4:1:64-83Who impresses Henry, while still in disguise, with his seriousness as a soldier?
4:1:84-219What do Henry, still disguised, and Williams exchange as a pledge to follow throw on their quarrel about the king?
4:1:220-274What group of people does Henry compare himself to, saying they have an easier life than that of a king?
4:3:18-67Henry gives a rousing speech, saying that though they are outnumbered, he would not have one more Englishman on the field. He calls all men on the field, commoners and royalty brothers. By what name is this speech known?
4:4:1-70Who takes a French prisoner, comically trying to communicate with him, and agrees to let him live for a ransom?
4:5:1-23As they are loosing the battle, what does the Dauphin consider, before the nobles decide to ride into battle again?
4:6:33-4:7:60What does Henry order be done to the prisoners as the French make a final desperate advance, as a result of the French killing pages and looting the camp?
4:7:113-4:8:68After having a little fun with Williams and Fluellen, Henry gives Fluellen a glove full of what?
4:8:69-97To the nearest thousand, how many total losses, commoners and nobles, did the French suffer, the same number listed in Shakespeare's historical source?
4:8:98-108Within 10, how many losses did the English suffer, a number reported by the historical source, though it admits the number may be as high as 500 - 600?
5:1:1-74What did Fluellen have in his hat, that he forced Pistol to eat, because Pistol had insulted the Welsh?
5:2-360Henry, allowing Charles to continue to reign, returns to France to negotiate. To whom will he be wed as a result of the peace treaty?

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