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InductionWho opens the play knowing it to be false, spreading word that the Rebels have won at Shrewsbury?
1:1:10-77Which side does Lord Bardolph tell Northumberland had won the Battle of Shrewsbury, the Rebels or the Kings, only to be contradicted moments later by his servant and Morton?
1:1:78-235Whose death causes Northumberland to throw down his crutches, remove his kerchief, and vow revenge?
1:2:60-144The Chief Justice stopped Falstaff on the street to question him about failing to show up to answer questions about what?
1:3:15-69As Archbishop Scroop of York, Lords Mowbry, Hastings, and Bardolph are discussing whether they are strong enough to prevail over the king's forces, which lord do they worry about failing to lend promised support again? Their suspicions are proven correct when he is talked out of going later in the play by his wife and daughter-in-law.
1:3:70-116The rebels confidence is boosted when they realized that his forces would be divided on how many fronts?
2:1:1-166Mistress Quickly tries to have Falstaff arrested because he owed her a great deal of money and promised to do what to her? Falstaff talks her into dropping the charges and lending him more money.
2:2:1-66The Prince at the pub is complaining to Poins that he feels embarrassed that he even knows Poins and the others. Whose illness further troubles him?
2:4:228-360Who with Poin is disguised as a waiter and serves Falstaff in another inn, overhearing him making fun of them, leading to a quarrel?
3:1:32-112After Warwick soothes the kings worries, pointing out that the rebels may not be as strong as thought, whose death does he inform him of, commenting that the result is an increased force for the king?
3:2:85-310As Falstaff, a captain now, inspects the six people Shallow procured for draft, he rejects one. How many bribe their way out of service?
4:1:27-351When the forces meet at Gaultree Forest,what do the rebels agree to disband when Prince John promises to accede to their demands?
4:1:352-380What does Prince John do to the rebel leaders after their agreement?
4:2:1-87Who captured the knight, Colevile of the Dale, and is promised to be thanked more than he deserves, by Prince John?
4:3:152-384As the king seemingly dies, he is alone with Hal. Hal takes something from his bed in tears, ruing that it is to be his. When the king awakes he is temporarily angered, until reassured of the situation. What is the object?
4:3:393-401What is the name of the room in which the king dies, bringing back memories of his unfulfilled promise to go on a Crusade.
5:2:1-147When the princes and several nobles and officials are concerned that Hal, and Henry V will mistreat them, who do they point out is in the most danger because he had arrested Hal? The King surprisingly thanks him for what he did, and says he will consider him as a Father.
5:3:101-144Who, upon hearing about Henry IV's death, and rise of Henry V rushes to the king, promising his friend jobs and honors?
5:5:39-73After Falstaff shouts out to the king calling him, 'my sweet boy' and is chastised by the king, what does the king tell him he will do to Fastaff if he comes within 10 miles of the king?
5:5:98-110What country does John predict Henry will invade before the year ends?
EpilogueWhat is promised the audience in the Epilogue?

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