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1:1:1-48Henry's plans for a crusade must be abandoned, because of two rebellions. In one Edmund Mortimer was defeated by Owain Glyndwr. What people were led by Owain Glyndwr?
1:1:62-76In another rebellion, Hotspur defeated which people, led by the Earl of Douglas?
1:1:77-89To whom does the king compare unfavorably to Hotspur?
1:1:99-106Despite the praise, the king is concerned about Hotspur. What has Hotspur withheld from the king, causing the king to summon him?
1:2:118-183After Hal rejects an offer to accompany the robbers, Poins talks him into it because it is actually a trick to rob the robbers. Which fat friend of Hal's are they sure will brag about his exploits, enabling them to make fun of him?
1:3:29-80Hotspur tells the king that he held back what was due the king out of anger with an effeminate lord who was making demands. However, he still refuses to give the king his due, unless the king pays the ransom for whom?
1:3:80-157Henry refuses to pay the ransom because he claims the individual is a traitor, but Worcester claims it is because Henry is afraid Mortimer wants to become what?
1:3:255-296Who with Worcester tells Hotspur of the plan to enlist the Archbishop of York, The Earl of Douglas, Owain Glyndwr, and Mortimer in a rebellion against Henry, seeking to put the person Richard II had declared an heir on the throne.
2:2:75-105After Falstaff, Peto, Bardolph, and Gadshill rob the travellers, Hal and Poins rob them. Who is the only one of the four original thieves who puts up a small resistance before fleeing?
2:3:1-114One of the nobles invited to rebel has declined, forcing the rebels to move quickly. Who does Hotspur refuse to tell his plans to?
2:4:1-211After Hal has a good time with the bartenders, and then plays a trick on a new waiter, he listens to Falstaff brag about the robbery. Falstaff claims 100 men attacked them and took their loot. As he tells the story what does he claim to have done to two then to four then to seven and nine and finally to eleven of them?
2:4:212-468After Falstaff's lie is revealed, to whom is the Prince summoned, causing Hal and Falstaff to engage in a bout of role playing to prepare for the meeting?
3:1:1-66 As the rebels meet to plan their revolt, who antagonizes Owain Glyndwr by mocking his pretensions of supernatural abilities?
3:1:67-92Into how many regions do the rebels plan to divide England?
3:2:29-35While chastising Hal, who does King Henry say has replaced him in the King's Privy Council?
3:2:39-91To whom does Henry compare Harry in warning him of the perils of becoming to familiar with the people?
3:2:129-159After Hal promises to be more himself, who does he swear he will defeat, gaining his virtues?
3:3:1-197After having more fun with Falstaff, what does Hal put him in charge of?
4:1:14-82Who sends word that he is ill, and neither he nor his reinforcements will arrive at Shrewsbury to aid the rebels?
4:1:124-135Which other rebel sends word that he will not be able to arrive with his forces for two weeks.
4:2:1-79Falstaff's recruits are pitiful, because instead of impressing wealthier individuals, he accepted what from them?
4:3:30-134Who brings an offer of pardon from the king, but is treated to a diatribe by Hotspur about the injustices his family received from Henry, though he surprisingly says he will consider the offer?
5:1:22-114To whom does Hal praise Hotspur offering to settle the matter in a one on one combat? The king also offers this person pardon for the rebels if they put down their arms.
5:1:127-140What virtue does Falstaff mock, saying it is of no good to the living or the dead?
5:4:24-43After killing Blunt, a decoy king, Douglas attacks the real king. Who, despite being wounded, saves the kings life, putting Douglas to flight?
5:4:57-108As Hal kills Henry Percy (Hotspur), who pretends to be dead after having been attacked by Douglas?
5:4:136-163Who does Falstaff claim to have killed, expecting to receive honors?
5:5:34-44After winning the battle, the King sends his younger son John and Westmorland to York to deal with the remaining rebels. To where does he and Hal go?

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