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In order to reduce the chance of oxidation, should
beer be stored upright? horizontally? or on a slant?
The Babylonian Law Code that decreed every worker would receive 2 liters of beer,
civil servants, 3, and administrators & high priests, 5, was named after what king.
TRUE or FALSE? Beer contains almost all of the minerals we need to survive?
Chicha is a traditional Peruvian corn beer, dating back to Incan times.
It contains what extremely strange ingredient?
The oldest known recipe for beer is from which ancient civilization?
Workers on the Pyramid of Giza were partially
paid with how many liters of beer a day?
What bittering agent in beer, named Cannabacae, is a close relative of marijuana
According to a London Business School study, do American
Conservatives favor domestic or imported beer?
In ancient Babylon if you brewed a bad batch of beer you were executed.
By what method? (Use a one word verb.)
In 2010, Finnish divers found in a shipwreck, the oldest vintage
champagne and drinkable beer ever to have been found (185 years old).
In what Sea was this discovery made?
The world's most expensive beer, Vielle Bon Secours comes in at £39 a pint ($60). It is only available at Belgo Bierodrome restaurant. In which capitol is this restaurant located?
Beers high level of silicon, increases calcium deposits
and minerals, thereby strengthening what?
19th century German nursing mothers, drank up to how many pints a day of beer?
What color glass greatly reduces UV light from spoiling beer?
(Other colors are often used for marketing reasons.)
First professional brewers were all female (often beauty was a requirement).
They were called: Brewmasters; Brewmistrisses; Brew Wenches; Brewsters
Beer commercials in the USA are not allowed to show
anyone drinking any type of what type of beverage?
What is the intoxicant in beer (which is also a powerful antiseptic)?
To pour a perfect pint of Guinness, you need to let it rest for exactly 119.5 seconds
between the first pour and the top-up. What is this period called?
One 12-oz bottle of beer creates protective levels of plasma antioxidants.
This can be a factor in the prevention of what type of disease?
In which century was the first bottle of beer sold?
The word Cerevisaphile (beer expert), is derived
from the Latin for the Roman goddess of what?
How many gallons of beer does the average American consume in a year (within 3)?
President Obama is the first president to brew beer in the White House.
The beer is commonly called, BRO-bama. What type of beer is it?
Westvleteren XII, often hailed as the best beer in the world,
is produced by monks of what order?
The oldest beer advertisement was from approximately when:
4000 B.C.; A.D. 100; 1700; 1800
In Great Britain alone, 93,000 liters of beer is lost in what (as it is being consumed)?
In what year was the drinking and brewing of beer made illegal in Iran?

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