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Can you answer the questions about the plot of Hamlet? II

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To where is Claudius intent on sending Hamlet, escorted by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern?3:3:4
The audience is finally given certainty that Claudius did murder his brother, while Claudius is engaged in what activity, or more precisely, attempting to engage in what activity?3:3:36-72
Hamlet refuses to kill Claudius, while he is engaged in this act, for fear that his soul would go where?3:3:73-96
When summoned to his mother's room, who is hiding behind a tapestry, and killed by Hamlet?3:4:22-25
Who, unseen by his mother, visits Hamlet during his talk with her, reminding him that he has not yet accomplished his task?3:4:103-135
To whom does Hamlet admit that his madness is affected?3:4:140-195
Who tells Claudius that Hamlet committed murder?4:1:1-12
What did Hamlet do with the body of his victim, when Rosencrantz and Guildenstern come to bring him to Claudius?
one word
What does Claudius intend the King of England to do with Hamlet?
one word
Laertes approaches the castle with a mob. What does the mob want Laertes to become?4:5:98-107
Laertes is angered by his father's death and sister's madness. Claudius promises him he will help him seek what?4:5:195-212
Who attacked Hamlet's ship, and allowed him to return (alone) to Denmark?
one word
Claudius tells Laertes that he did not move against Hamlet directly for two reasons. Give either reason.4:7:9-24
Claudius suggests Laertes goad Hamlet into a duel, using a sharpened sword. What does Laertes suggest it be dipped in?4:7:125-146
Claudius also plans to offer Hamlet poisoned wine, in the event that Hamlet does what?4:7:147-159
How does Ophelia die?4:7:160, 161
Hamlet contemplates Yorick's skull in the cemetary. What 'office' did Yorick hold during the reign of Hamlet's father?5:1:164
To Laertes' dismay, which organization required shortened funeral rites for Ophelia, because her death was 'suspicious?'5:1:207
Into what does Laertes go, during the graveside assembly?5:1:231
To whom does Hamlet profess his love at the graveside?5:1:273
Hamlet relates to Horatio that he replaced the orders for his execution, with orders for the executoion of whom?5:2:12-61
Before the duel, Hamlet asks Laertes to forgive him. What does he blame for his actions?5:2:197
IN EACH OF THE NEXT 5 questions, enter one of these three answers:
How does Gertrude die?5:2:262-267
How does Laertes die?5:2:283, 284
How does Hamlet die?5:2:290-295
How does Claudius die?5:2:298-307
How do Rosencrantz and Guildenstern die?5:2:343-348
Who does Hamlet talk out of killing himself, so that he can relate the true story of all that had transpired?5:2:308-324
Who does Hamlet recommend to be the new king, with his dying words?5:2:328-334

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