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What sort of being does Horatio come to investigate, though with skepticism, at the behest of Marcellus and Barnardo?1:1:25-34
Whom does the being, seen by the sentinels and Horatio, resemble?1:1:60, 61
The king of what country had been killed by Hamlet's father, thus winning territory for Denmark?1:1:88
Who has come to avenge his father's death, and reclaim land from Denmark?1:1:97-127
Who has Hamlet's Uncle Claudius married, less than two months after the death of Hamlet's father?1:2:1-14
Name either one of the two emissaries Claudius sends to deal with the threat of revenge, previously mentioned?1:2:34-40
To what country does Laertes request permission to go?1:2:51
For what does Cluadius upbraid Hamlet?.1:2:66, 87-110
What action, proscribed by the Church, does Hamlet contemplate?1:2:129-158
Who first informs Hamlet of the mysterious being, that visits in the night?1:2:197-213
Who first warns Ophelia to stay away from Hamlet, using inappropriately graphic language?1:3:10-43
Who, after giving his son, fatherly advice, imperiously forbids Ophelia from even talking with Hamlet? 1:3:54-135
Who does the ghost tell Hamlet poisoned him?1:5:38-40
By what manner does the ghost tell Hamlet he was poisoned?
(one word, how was the poison introduced)
What does Hamlet tell Horatio he will pretend to be?1:5:166-180
Why does Polonius send Reynaldo to Paris?
To ____ on ____.
After conversing with his daughter, what does Polonius believe to be the cause of Hamlet's strange behavior?
____ for ____.
Name either one of Hamlet's two friends, summoned by Claudius, to help with Hamlet's affliction.2:1-39
Ambassadors report: King of Norway rebuked his nephew for designs on Denmark, but he requests permission for an army to pass through Denmark, on their way to attack which country?2:2:60-76
In Hamlet's first appearance 'pretending' to be mad, for what or whom does he 'mistakenly' identify Polonius?2:2:171
Hamlet asks the actors to put on The Murder of Gonzago, with additional dialogue he will compose, because: '...The play's the thing Wherein I'll catch the conscience of the ____.'2:2:530, 531
Despite his unexplained gloominess, what did Rosencrantz and Guildenstern claim brought a certain joy to Hamlet?3:1:16-21
While Claudius and Polonius are hiding, Hamlet delivers his 'To be, or not to be?' soliloquy. What is the topic of this soliloquy?3:1:55-88
With Claudius and Polonius still listening, where does Hamlet tell Ophelia she should go?3:1:120
Who agrees to watch Claudius closely during the performance of the play?3:2:83-85
In the play-within-a play, what relation to the king is his murderer?3:2:230
How is the king poisoned?
(one word, how was the poison introduced)
Who stops the play, and leaves, upon the murder?3:2:250

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