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The name of the show could have been very different, Sherwood Schwartz picked the name 'Gilligan' at random from this kind of book.
Bob Denver was Schwartz's second choice to play the first mate; who was his first choice?
Except for Gilligan, all characters had full names: What was the full name of the Skipper?
What was the full name of Ginger?
What was the full name of the Professor?
What was the full name of Mary Ann?
What was the full name of Mr. Howell?
What was the full name of Mrs. Howell?
The SS Minnow was named after Newton Minow; Schwartz hated him; he had described TV as a vast wasteland; Minow was the president of what government commission?
CBS president Jim Aubrey wanted the cast to be rescued; Schwartz agreed they could be rescued when what dropped?
Natalie Schafer (Mrs. Howell) thought the show was too stupid to be picked up, and was furious when it was; she agreed to do the pilot for the easy paycheck and a trip where?
During the first season, the Professor and Mary Ann were known as what in the opening song?
Which actor's demand that his name be dropped from the song if the Professor and Mary Ann were not mentioned, convinced the producers to add them?
During the opening of the first season, an American flag can be seen flying at half staff because of the death of whom?
Hunt Sromberg, Jr., one of the show's producers, wanted what type of talking animal to be found on the island, and adopted as a pet by Gilligan? Schwartz was horrified.
Some viewers called this branch of the Armed Services, pleading with them to help rescue the cast.
To answer the question why the Skipper would keep Gilligan around, the backstory had Gilligan saving the Skipper's life on a destroyer during what war?
Gilligan's Island was canceled after three seasons to make room for what series?
What is the name of the first TV movie made in 1978?
What is the name of the second TV movie made in 1979?
What is the name of the third movie made in 1981?

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