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Can you state the French terms from the Fine Arts?

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'New Art,' style of art featuring curvilinear lines and swirling motifs and nicknamed 'whiplash,' 'tapeworm,' and 'cigarette-smoke style'
Any work in which the figures project slightly from the surface in which they are cut or shaped
A masterpiece, especially a work of art
'Fine arts'
The lost-wax process
Creators of new ideas, especially used for artistic and literary advances
Group, or school, of French landscape artists of the 1830s named for a village in France
An artist's studio or workshop
Early 20th-century movement marked by the use of bold, often distorted forms and vivid colors, named from the French for 'wild beast'
A realistic style of art illustrating scenes of everyday life, or the term for any category of literature or other forms of art or entertainment
A method of painting on paper with opaque watercolors
Movement in painting, sculpture, and literature that defied convention and stressed absurdity and was named by French poet Tristan Tzara from the French word for 'hobbyhorse'
Style of painting developed in France in the 1870s characterized chiefly by short brush strokes of bright colors to represent the effect of light on objects
The process of making a mold or cast, especially with plaster of Paris
Still life
A small object of artistic value
Cave discovered in 1940 in France whose prehistoric art dated at about 17,000 years old was considered the most significant until the discovery of the Chauvert Cave
A collage formed by pasting layers of objects onto a canvas
A mixture of paper and glue that is easily molded into various shapes when wet
A style of painting done outdoors, as did the impressionists in the 19th century
The process of making sculpture by hammering thin sheets of metal over a wooden form
Name derived from 'shellwork' or 'pebblework': 18th-century style of art and architecture that evolved from the baroque, characterized by elaborate ornamentation and gracefulness
Literally meaning 'a trick of the eye,' used to describe a type of painting that creates a strong illusion or visual deception

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