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16th-century dance much used by 17th- and 18th-century composers as the first movement of a suite and named with the French word meaning 'Germany'
'English' used by 18th-century composers as the title of a country dance
'Trifle' for a short, light musical composition, usually for piano
The 'stick' some conductors use to conduct an orchestra
Term used in ballet for any beating movement and often used to precede the words tendu, glissé, and dégagé
Popular 19th-century French dance often performed in music halls
Ballet troupe, the permanent part of the ballet company who often work as a backdrop for the principal dancers
Dance of death consisting of Death summoning representatives from all walks of life to dance along to the grave
Male ballet dancer
Female ballet dancer
France's government-sponsored school of fine arts that developed out of the Ecole Académique and the Ecole de l'Académie d'Architecture
Brief interlude or musical performance between acts of a play
A ballet leap in which a dancer crosses his or her legs more than once
A short musical composition
A concluding part of a musical piece
'Improvised,' a short key-board composition, usually in song-like form
A jump in ballet from one foot to the other with an outward kick of the leg
French national anthem, with words and music written by Rouget de Lisle, 1760-1836
A lyrical piece of music suggesting the romantic calmof night, generally for solo piano or orchestra
An instrumental composition that introduces a longer musical work, especially an opera or an oratorio
'Step,' a dance step, especially in ballet
'Step of two,' a ballet dance for two performers
Whirling around on one foot in ballet
A bend of the knees in ballet
Tip of the toe
'Carriage of the arm,' both the positions and the technique of moving the arms in ballet
Square dance that originated in France and is performed by four couples
An Army's bugle call that awakens soldiers in the morning
'Shellwork' or 'pebblework,' 18th-century style of music that evolved from the baroque and is characterized by elaborate ornamentation and gracefulness
'Jump,' in ballet
French word virtually interchangeable with the Italian divertimento since it designates 'evening music' or 'a piece of vocal or instrumental music outdoors'
Poet composer in France during the Middle Ages, also called a trouvère
A female dancer's short skirt

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