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Can you name the flowers, from a description of the origins of their names?

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OriginFlowerFurther fun facts
English called this yellow shaggy weed a 'lion's tooth' because the leaves resemble a lions grin.
This name comes from the flowers that covered the Elysian fields of the afterlife in Greek mythology. The Greeks name was aspodelos.
This handsome yellow or white flower is named after the unrequited love of Echo. Her love, only had love for himself.
This flower has a sunburst center with radiating white petals, and opens during the sunny hours only to close in the evening. Hence it was named from the Old English word for 'day'
This flower with scarlet star shaped leaves was called by Mexicans flor de la noche buena: 'flower of the holy night.' Mexican legend: it was presented to the Child by a poor boy.
This flower's name did not come from the fact that it resembles the mouth, but comes originally from the Turks who called it tulbend because it reminded them of a turban.

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